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Thanksgiving (and desert) Bloat

It’s always the same…you see tons of disappointing reports on weight after Thanksgiving.  It’s part of the tradition, maybe?  I want to encourage those of you who didn’t like the aftermath of Thanksgiving to dig in again…just not into a plate of leftovers.  I am, unfortunately, right there with ‘everyone’.  I not only had a fantastic table of delicious food to gobble up on Thanksgiving but we took leftovers to the desert and I enjoyed several more delicious platefuls.  My scale is telling on me.  I am up to 165.2.   I like facing reality and then dealing with it head on, so I’m reworking my routine back to normal.  Getting to the gym last week didn’t happen with the very few days I had to prepare my house for a Thanksgiving gathering right after the cruise AND my son’s swim practice was cancelled while they work on the pool…double whammy of excuses.  This week I have none, so it’s back to the grind, back to putting in the time and work and watching what I put into my mouth.  Even little bites or special drinks make a difference.

It’s time to get rid of all that good food anyway.  Remember, when in doubt, throw it out!    Turkey Tip Tuesday found online…

I am one that needs a goal to work for.  I find it really helps me.  I think twice, or however many times it takes for me to get past a bad choice.  My hubby’s work is having a party in Feb.  Sounds like a fancy dress up type thing.  I never get to get all dolled up so I looked forward to the yearly Christmas parties they had  until the economy caused them to call them quits several years ago. Well, they are back…at least this year…in Feb.  I have a couple of months to slash the number on my scale.  Motivation!  I definitely need that during this time of year.


10 Weight Loss Commandments


1. Though shall stay hydrated with water and not sugary or carbonated beverages.

2. Thou shall avoid food with preservatives and high salt content.

3. Thou shalt not eat past 7 pm or before 6 am.

4. Thou shalt not “give up” on a diet or “give in” to a binge after a minor slip up.

5. Thou shall do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day: a brisk walk is fine.

6. Thou shalt not eat at unplanned or unusual times, or when emotional.

7. Thou shall find a distraction when cold pizza or left over birthday cake is left unattended.

8. Thou shalt not be discouraged, this takes time, and quick fixes are not lasting.

9. Thou shall eat regularly, starvation diets are only temporary solutions to lifelong problems.

10. Thou shalt never feel alone; we’re in this together!

Author unknown

I saw this and thought how very appropriate it was. Particularly after such a big food holiday. A few of these were much needed reminders for me. I must say #10 hit me a little harder than the others as recently I am feeling very alone in this struggle.

Disclaimer-What I am about to say is in no way an insult to those who have chosen this course of action for weight loss. For many it is life saving! I, myself have considered it and if cost hadn’t been an issue would have had lapband.

A coworker underwent the gastric sleeve weight loss procedure 3 months ago and has lost 73lbs. As my weight has plateaued and the comments on my weight loss have waned,  hers have soared as she still eats the same, has her daily large sodas and has yet to see the inside of a gym. The comment  was made to me this week, as I stopped into the office on the way to the gym, that I should stop working so hard and do what NAME did. I could have felt defeated or angry, really I just felt alone. A second friend  who kept saying she would go to the gym with me, but when it came down to scheduling a time always bailed, is also scheduled for surgery.

I haven’t had a sweat buddy through this whole course, but I at least knew others trying along with me. I know you all are out there too, but it’s not quite the same as having a hug from another weight warrior in a weary battle when you are struggling. It seems like there is a “weight loss race” now and I am losing. Every week when **** asks me if I lost and I say no and she proceeds to tell me, “That’s too bad. I’ve lost another X lbs.” (with a smile that is a little fake)

I’m probably just being very sensitive and making and a mountain out of a mole hill. I totally meant for this post to be motivational and instead it is all gloomy. Sorry folks. Didn’t mean to take you all on the pity-train with me. Sigh!

Real life, right?!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to a new start I go! Gym in the morning. A loss to report for next week would be awesome!

Good Luck everyone!


Pace Yourself

Ever have one of those days where there just isn’t enough time in the day? Or weeks? Or decades?


Last Saturday was my “free” day. Didn’t have any sporting events, church activities, parties or meetings planned. Usually my hubs is home on Saturdays but he was working so it was just me and the kids. I was free to sleep in…

Does that say 7:29 am and is Little Man ever going to sleep in…ever?!

I was free to tackle the laundry

Don’t judge me. It’s almost finished….YES, it’s 4 days later, but no one will agree to my idea of one outift per month.

I was even free to weigh in. It wasn’t my “normal” weigh in day and I didn’t stick to my routine, but I braved it and got on the scale anyway.

I don’t know what is more disturbing: my weight or my toenails.

I didn’t want to share this picture, because it requires a difficult admission: When I don’t workout and I eat whatever I want I gain weight. No that isn’t earth shattering news, but it is still hard. The deeper difficulty is that all of the weeks of hard work were only helping me to maintain my weight. I need to make some real and new changes.

Tomorrow is The Feast. Thanksgiving. Perfect time to make change? Ummm…

Well, I have a two step plan for all of us which applies to both the Thanksgiving feast and the insanity that is Black Friday shopping.

Step 1: Have a plan

  • Thanksgiving: If you know cousin Sandra, is bringing her sticky buns for dessert and you won’t be able to resist then maybe you should skip the dinner roll, drink water/skip the beverages full of empty calories, and load up on veggies.
  • Black Friday: Know where the deals/door busters are that YOU want. Do not wander aimlessly.

Step 2: Stick to your budget

  • Thanksgiving: It is perfectly acceptable to calorie count (if that is your thing), to politely pass on Aunt Molly’s weird gelatin “salad”, and to save some of your favorites for later to keep yourself from gorging.
  • Black Friday: Do NOT spend more money than you have. Cute little Riley will be just as happy with the cheaper option as she will with the one that will contribute to the breaking of the bank. If you can, stick to cash. You will thank me in January.

If you want to know how the weekend is going you can follow me on Twitter! Yep, I took the plunge. My handle is @scalemattersABC. Hopefully, this should get me through the weekend and give me time to regroup/come up with a real plan for the rest of the holiday season.

Wish me luck!

Chasing Summer

We’ve seriously been chasing summer.  My man and I just got back from a 7 night cruise in the Caribbean.  Jamaican sun, Grand Cayman snorkeling, Cozumel Mayan ruins, and a stop by a hurricane torn Bahama Island.  Have you any idea how impossible it is to be good on a cruise that long?!  I would like to say I was, but no, I wasn’t.  We had some seriously amazing fun and we ate too much tasty food so you can imagine my reluctance to get on the scale today.

3 pounds!  Surprise!  I can handle 3 pounds!

I took my break, now it’s time to do get back to it.  It’s been an adjustment to get used to placing my own napkin on my lap, and I miss the eggs benedict and chocolate croissant I had in the morning on the ship…but my regular protein shake today tasted like home…and good choices…and I’m glad to be working towards seeing the numbers drop back down and keep on’a droppin’.  Ya mon!

Nuff Said!

Time is what we want the most, but what we use worst. 
—William Penn

Stop making excuses about not having enough time to train. Put that time and energy into a workout. Spartan Races Facebook page

Feeling convicted tonight. Time to sweat!


I’m still here.

It wasn’t until Monday that I realized I missed my post day and although I kept thinking I will just post something quick, here it is 11pm on Sunday and was again about to miss my post.

I have worked out once in two weeks. Only once have I gone to bed before midnight. And I have done a little more snacking than I would like.

But my weight is 217.8lbs.

I’d like to think that my weight holding steady is God’s reward for  some hard work.

I have spent the last 2 1/2 weeks buried in bookkeeping for my church. All because I walked into the office and opened my big mouth. Now I am church Treasurer and inherited an accounting nightmare where bank balancing was done on scraps of paper with question marks behind the numbers. I believe I have gotten over the hump and could start to get into a routine again.

I plan/hope to get to the gym tomorrow as well as to start getting to bed earlier.

How are things going for all you?

Warning TMI

Seriously though turn away if you have issues with the girlie stuff…






Have I lost all the squeamish? Oh good.

I have eaten halloween candy. Lots of it. I’ve probably eaten more candy in the last week than I have had since January 1st. Ok that may not be true. But I don’t even feel bad about it. You see what else I haven’t really seen since January? Aunt Flo. I had to take medication to get her to come around and lets just say she wasn’t happy it had taken so long. In fact she extended her trip. Have I mentioned I have had a miscarriage before? I think this was worse. I only “think” so because I’ve tried so hard to forget about it. We were trying for a baby when this hiatus happened this year. I stopped trying when it was clear my body wasn’t working right and after months and months of waiting for it to normalize itself I went to the doctor.

This is part of why I was so scared to go in a few weeks ago. I didn’t want him to tell me it was weight related. I didn’t want him to tell me to lose fifty pounds before we started trying again.

And he didn’t say either of those things. He didn’t seem at all worried about my weight. He ran some tests because I have been having a hard time trying to lose weight. There was no reason it should be so hard. And no real reason for the long hiatus from aunt flo.

So this week I was a grump. This news combined with aunt flo and the election controversy made me depressed, in pain and occasionally pretty fed up (especially when I would hear or read people saying other’s opinions were wrong).

Next week I have meal plan, an exercise plan and all the good Halloween candy is almost gone. Things should be looking up.

I won’t be writing a diet book anytime soon

I’m tired but I knew I had to write something since last week I was so  busy (for reals, no exaggeration) that I never  had any time in front of my computer and totally neglected to write a.n.y.t.h.i.n.g.

Last weekend I decided that if I’d lost significant weight this week I was  going to refer to my secret as the  Banana Bread & Boogers diet (intriguing and gross at the same time = best seller). Last Saturday morning we had some bananas that needed to be baked into bread or thrown away. Who would waste 3 perfectly good (brown) bananas?!

Not me!

When the yummy bread was warm from the oven it was all I felt like eating…probably ate half a loaf all by myself that day. The same day I came down with a cold so nasty that not only was I not interested in food, but I had no interest in much of anything that didn’t involve laying down or wiping my nose. I blew my nose so much over the course of this cold that my ribs were sore from all the extra exercise they were getting.

Alas, the Banana Bread & Boogers diet was a sad disappointment. My weight this week is in the same 3 pound range I haven’t been able to escape in months (you’ll have to take my word for it because I haven’t mastered my new phone enough to easily move photos to my computer).

With that (unsurprising) disappointment I’ve decided to try something different this week. My cousin recommended this new thing, another friend refered me to an authority I trust on the topic, and after a tiny bit of research I decided I would try it. I’ll tell you all about “it”  next Friday after we see how/if this new thing helps me.

In the meantime, I’ve got to get back on my game. My class started last week and I’ve only worked out twice since! This week I’m going to the gym twice and to Mandy’s free cross training class (we just call it “the workout”) at the church on Friday. In my Perfect Wife & Mother fantasy I will have (in my new phone) my week scheduled, budget squared, and  my healthy menu planned. Def totes.

Wish me luck.

P.S. Does anyone tweet? Thinking of opening a Twitter account so I can share/complain/inspire/fail in 140 characters of less on a regular basis. What do you think?

When did I stop looking?

I was in the dressing room at Lane Bryant last night trying on every pair of jeans they had in my size (except the skinny ones), looking in the mirror and realizing that had been a long time since I had looked at my lower portion in the mirror. Possibly since the last time I tried on jeans which would be almost two years ago now. I look in the mirror to do my makeup. I look in the mirror to make sure my shirt is modest. But I never look at my body to see anything I don’t like. And I’ll be honest: I hate my tummy and what I call my second tummy. It’s a sad state to be in, to not like your body. I used to not like it but I could find clothes that I thought made it look better. I didn’t think I was hot but I wasn’t awful. Now I feel like I buy clothes to just not be naked. That nothing much helps me be cute.

My one bright spot, I still fit in size 18 jeans.

I got the results of my blood tests. Everything looks normal. My blood is borderline anemic and having too low platelets. I guess anemia might explain my tiredness. But mostly I need to try to do better. To eat healthier and workout. I must try harder.

Maybe if I look in the mirror more often at what I don’t like I’ll be more motivated to try harder.

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