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A Kick in the Pants

Happy Summer time everyone! I personally am loving that my kids are enjoying staying home and doing absolutely nothing all. day. long! The heat is in full force here in AZ. Today was like 100… next week is supposed to be 109… Oy Vey! I feel like I should lose weight just being out there! But, we all know I’ll just stay in my nice air conditioned house and pretend it’s winter! 😉

I’ve been doing pretty well with my weight loss. I’m down another 2 lbs! I love that my clothes are getting looser, I have energy, and I feel GREAT! I’ve been trying to stick with my “clean” eating and staying within my calories. I didn’t exercise much this week. I went swimming Monday {that’s the law– you have to swim on Memorial Day} and then today I went on my treadmill and did weights. While I was on my treadmill I turned on Extreme Weight Loss. I was GLUED. And so were my kids. But as I was watching these people my hand went over to the “speed” button and I increased it. Then it went to the incline and I increased that. Next thing I knew my speed and incline were faster and higher than I’ve gone in a long time and I had done 50 min! I was sweating like a crazy and I’m pretty sure Libby didn’t want to nurse after because of that lol. Then I did sit up’s with some weights. Next thing I know, one by one my kids got up and started exercising. It was a total proud momma moment! My youngest son, who is 8, was so proud of himself because he did 100 sit ups! Way to go, love bug!!

One thing I noticed on the show was that this particular pair {they were twins} were talking and the sister said that she felt like the brother was sabotaging her weight loss attempt. I thought good and hard about this. I’ve had so many times that I’ve tried to lose weight and have felt my attempts were being sabotaged. On the flip side, I’ve also been in the position of sabotaging. Intentional or not, it’s hard to be in a position where you aren’t ready to give up all your vices and trade them in for ones that will make you feel better in the long run. And that’s ok.

The thing that got me so excited about this blog was that it was with 3 women I love. One I love more than the others, I’ll admit it. My big sis-wu has been there as for me as we both struggled with our weight. I’ve loved watching her transform in her weight loss attempts. I have to say, it’s hard to want to come and blog each week when I feel like the support is just not here like it used to be. I get that it’s hard. I get that life is busy. I’m still trying to find my footing in this world of having 4 kids and a husband who is growing a business and isn’t there as much as I would like. I get it. I really do. But I’m asking… please, please come back. I need the support of 3 strong women who have known me since I was 11. I need to know that what path my journey is on, be it good or bad, that there are other people going through it, too.

Losing weight is hard. The “battle” of obesity. The “fight” against fat. “Beating” the bulge. Those words aren’t cuddly words that sound easy. Let’s do this together! Even myfitnesspal tells me that you are likely to lose 3xs more weight if you do it with friends! 🙂 So, my friends, what do you say? Will you come back and let us support you?? Cause sometimes, we all need a good kick in the pants! 🙂




Rough week.

I didn’t work out as much this week. At least not cardio wise. Kept up with my ab and squat challenge. I am starting to get seriously sore and it’s a struggle to want to do it each day.

According to this morning’s weigh-in I am down 2 lbs. A shocker to me as it hasn’t been the best time to stick to a diet. I’ll tke it though.

My week has been consumed with rewriting some by-laws and then our pastor’s daughter was diagnosed with a brain tumor that had to be removed ASAP. Trying to get things arranged and taken care of so he could leave has been time consuming. His daughter had just traveled back to KY to see family and there was no way they would be sending her back.

School starts back this week for the summer session with one of my classes requiring me to be there for 3 hours 2x a week. How crazy is that to try and work around? Since tomorrow is a holiday I am hoping to start off the week right with a good workout. Mondays are usually very crazy and will be worse with an 8am class. If I do not start out of the gate well, I flounder the rest of the week.

How about you all. What do you do to start out the week well?

I Can….

The hubs and I were spending the night at his aunts house last month and on her bathroom door there was vinyl that said, “I can do hard things”. I have thought about this quote a million times. I love the positive spin on it. It’s right. I do hard things!! Some of the hardest things in my life I have overcome. I fought the battle with obesity and won! I fought the heartache and pain of infertility and came out with a beautiful baby girl. I have been through some of the hardest years in my life with a small handful of people knowing what I’ve gone through. And guess what, I’m sitting here so thankful for the opportunity that I had those trials. I do hard things.

I proved myself again this morning when I really, really, really didn’t want to work out. I put on my socks and shoes and went and got on the treadmill. I told myself even 15 min was better than nothing. I turned on the tv and started watching Price is Right {love me some Drew Carrey!} and set my speed and incline. Next thing I know it’s the showcase showdown and 45 min had passed! I finished up on the treadmill and did my sit-ups and used the weights. Was it easy? No. Was it worth it? Absolutely! I did a hard thing! Just like my struggle with losing this weight that I gained during my pregnancy, I WILL do it! Why? Because I DO hard things! No can about it! I do them! I fight and I will win!

I didn’t weigh today… it was an awkward morning. Libby {my angelic child who sleeps through the night!!!!!! in her own bed!!!!!!} was napping and I hadn’t fed her {a nursing mom needs to feed prior to a weigh in–trust!!} so I didn’t want to weigh. But as of yesterday I had lost 2lbs this week. I accredit it to being so upset at myself for eating poorly during the weekend that I’ve been amazing {except when I went out for pie last night} and I’ve worked out every day this week! Go me!! 🙂

I saw another quote that I loved this week and wanted to share that also… “It’s time for you to believe in you. Other people may, but believing in yourself is what makes the real difference. Have faith and believe in yourself!”. LOVE it!!

Have a great week, readers! Remember— you do hard things!!!



Suck it up, buttercup!




Well, this hit a little close to home when I saw it yesterday. I have to get this weight off. It’s a strain on my body to be carrying it around. It’s a strain on my emotions to be feeling so frustrated and down when I see my reflection. It’s a strain on those around me to deal with my crabbiness about my weight. Something has to give and it has to be the weight.

I had a good week, relatively speaking. I got cardio in 3 times this week and have been doing this ab and squat challenge 5 days. It’s fairly quick and I can get it in while getting ready in the morning. The number of squats increase each day as well as the crunches, leg raises, and time in plank position until on day 30 you are doing a million and a half squats and holding plank for 76 hours. Not really, but you get what I mean. It’s more like 250 squats and 150 crunches at the end. Anyway, it makes me feel like I am doing something so I don’t get too frustrated.

The scale went up despite my measly efforts though. One pound! Blah! Whatever! Trying to remember how I gained when I started getting muscle. It does amaze me how quickly you get out of shape. Not that I was in phenomenal shape before, but it’s ridiculous that I am panting after 25 squats. Suck it up, buttercup and get that rear in gear!

Anyone else notice they weigh more in the summer? I have thought for a while that I weighed more when it was warmer. People talk about putting on “winter weight,” that’s when I see the biggest changes in weight. As we have gone from snow one day to 80 degrees the next and now we have been hitting 90+ here and there, I notice the swelling of the hands and feet. We had a cooler day today and from yesterday to today, I can take my rings off and clothes fit a little different. I’m convinced that the warm weather is a huge part of the cause of my frustration. I just expand in heat! I am trying to keep this in mind as I hover around the scale, afraid to get on. I think it’s how I can explain the fluctuations in my weight from day to day in the past. The biggest changes seem to be all in the summer. Maybe I won’t weigh myself until December. ;-}

How is everyone else? Do you have a problem with water weight, swelling in the warm weather?

1lb at a Time

I know everyone says that you should take things one day at a time, but sometimes as a mom of 3 “big kids” and a newborn I need to take things one hour at a time. I have been having some great results with my weight loss. I’ve been working hard and planning. I’ve been grocery shopping and eating more fruits and veggies than I have in my entire adult life. I feel great. Seriously, I feel amazing. I have more energy than I have had in a really long time. I noticed the other day my headaches weren’t nearly as frequent as they had been, and my little aches and pains are no more. (except for a random shoulder issue I’ve been having–which I’m going to attribute to carrying a baby and a carseat most of my day!) I LOVE the benefits of eating healthy. I’m not fully eating clean. I allow myself the occasional treat, and I had a really hard time getting back on track after mother’s day. I was nervous to weigh this morning because I devoured enjoyed some cupcakes I made for Mother’s Day. But I weighed and I was down 1lbs.

At first I was disappointed in that pound. 1lb? I have like nearly 50 more of those to lose! 1lb a week?! It will take a year for me to hit my goal!  Then I remembered the cupcakes, coconut macaroons, the non existent exercise, and the lack of going out of the house this week. {Libby got her 2mo shots on Monday so we’ve been laying low letting her feel better} I also reminded myself that even if it did take a year to hit my goal… who cares? At least I hit it! Also, I  reminded myself that losing 1lb was better than gaining. I know my food choices could have been better a few meals this week. I know I could have walked on the treadmill when Libby was sleeping There are things I could have done that I didn’t do. But I still lost. And that I needed to celebrate.

This next week I want to focus more on exercise. That treadmill in my living room isn’t just there as a conversation piece. Nor are the weights or weight bench that accompany it. It’s been ridiculously hot here. Like we’ve already had some triple digit days. Love me the Arizona Summertime! 😉 So, I’m not going to allow myself to use the excuse that it’s too hot out to exercise. I have a freaking treadmill. In my living room. No excuses! I also am going to focus on planning my meals more in advance. But most importantly, I’m going to focus on doing this right. I’m going to focus on the fact that I FEEL great and that the weight loss is just an added bonus!



Good Grief, Charlie Brown!

What do you get when you cross finals week, with a visit from Aunt “Flo”, with holding down the office while the boss is away, with no workouts, with high stress and little sleep?


A higher number on the scale.  Sigh!

I am once again making plans on how to start again tomorrow. Do diets and workout plans start on any other day besides Mondays? I am starting to think not!

My husband keeps reminding me that the Big Dog Brag is coming up. Mud obstacle course? Are you kidding me? Running? HA! When was the last time I ran? I think that’s part of my problem. I realized the other day that when I ran was when I had a “quiet time.” It’s severely lacking and truly need it again. For as much as I know this, it still isn’t urgent enough to get to the top of my priority list each week. Each day. Why is it so hard?

I am so frustrated. So down. So, so ……..blah.

I need someone to not take my excuses and get me to the gym. I use to be enough, but not at the moment.

Depressing post, isn’t it. I wish they weren’t. I want to come on here and have a “win” to tell you. Maybe next week, maybe.

I hope you all are doing well!

Work In Progress

This last week has been fabulous. Stressful, but fabulous. Sunday we blessed our sweet baby girl and had a ton of our close family and friends over for brunch after. I’m not so good at having people over. I’m a total stress case! I couldn’t have had done it without so many amazing people and their support. My very best friends were there doing anything and everything I needed, all I had to do was ask. It really got me thinking about the people in my life and how I couldn’t have accomplished all that I have had I not had that amazing support. When I first began my weight loss journey I didn’t tell anyone that I was going to be having lap band surgery. My parents knew and Bry knew. That was it. A few weeks before my surgery was scheduled I realized I didn’t have anyone to help me with my kids. So I went to my best friend and told her everything. She was so supportive and wonderful to come out from California where she lived at the time and came and took care of me and my kids for a week. Her amazing support was what gave me the courage to tell everyone what I was doing. The support was incredible. It still is.
I guess that’s why I keep coming back here each week. For the support. Maybe I don’t get comments, or people who read this, but I know that it helps me. I can come and look back at how far I’ve come. I can see how my fellow bloggers are doing.

This week I’ve focused on “Clean eating”. My hubs and I bought a nurtibullet and I’ve been juicing the crap out of every fruit or veggie known to man. This morning my breakfast was a smoothie that had greek yogurt, avocado, spinach, banana, black berries, strawberry, and chia seeds in it. It was amazing!! And I’m down another 2.2 lbs!!!

I wanted to put a pic up to show where I came from, where I was at my thinnest and where I”m at now. I’m a work in progress. I know one day I will get back to looking like that middle pic. The pic I can remember looking at and thinking how fat I looked…. anyway… The far left was me in November 2008, 2 mo before my surgery. The middle is me Oct 2009, 8 months and 110lbs down from my largest weight. The far right is me Sunday 2 months after delivering my baby. Down 40 something pounds from the 60 I gained with her, but still up almost 50 from my lowest. I’ll get there. Like I said, I’m a work in progress


I hope you all have a good week!



I shouldn’t have

I shouldn’t have neglected to post yesterday, but I did.

I shouldn’t have weighed in yesterday (just 3 days after surgery), but I did.

I shouldn’t have scheduled my minor surgery (if you’re really curious see the tags) for near the end of my semester, my kids school year, and in the middle of my step-dad’s health problems, but I did.

I shouldn’t have expected to recover from said surgery in 24 – 48 hours, but I did.

I shouldn’t have eaten that Cinnabon this morning, but….I did.

I shouldn’t be dwelling all of these things, but I am.

I will…

  • eat my vegetables
  • recognize my limitations
  • move my body, keeping in mind the above
  • not eat any more Cinnabons!
  • try not to dwell on woulda, coulda, shoulda

WIsh me luck.

The Overachievers

This week wasn’t the best, but it wasn’t the worst. I actually did pretty decent with my eating. I allowed myself to have a few “splurge” meals and didn’t let it run over to the weekend or the next day even. I will say, I did allow myself to indulge a tad more than I probably should have, but I knew that if I didn’t let myself then I would be blogging on here about how I gave in and was found ODing on chocolate in my closet at 3am. So, to spare you all that awful potential post.

Last Friday when I was walking back from walking my littles back from taking them to school when my friend pulled up and told me that her and another friend go walking after they take their kids and asked if I wanted to join them. I said sure and we planned to start Monday. Monday morning I get my shoes on, load the baby up, and we start our walk. A few things I should have thought of before agreeing to this. 1. these two ladies are crazy skinny. Crazy skinny. 2. the pace we walked across the street to pick up our other friend should have made me realize what the rest of the walk would be like. So, we start off and they are walking like crazy and talking about 200 mph and hardly are even missing a beat. I  was trying to stay up with them and the convo and kept apologizing for being out of shape. They were so sweet and told me not to worry. Then I ask what the route is. They tell me and I quickly calculate in my head how many miles that is. 4. It was about 4. Wow. Ok, I can do hard things. So I keep walking. Well, I ended up cutting out a tad early and taking a short cut to our house. I had a huge blister on the back of my foot and could hardly walk. I called Bry when I was close to my house and had him come pick me up. I had to admit defeat. But as I was frustrated that I wasn’t able to keep on with “the overachiever” I realized I did a pretty darn good job. I walked at least 2 1/2 miles at a very brisk pace. I did a hard thing. The next day I called the overachiever and told them thank you for including me, but my heels are so blistered I can hardly walk and I’m just not in the right shape to be in that group. I needed to work my way up there. And you know what? I do! I’m ok with admitting I’m not in the same shape as the overachiever’s are. I started walking this morning with my friend who had a baby a few weeks before I did. We walked at a good pace and I made the entire walk without thoughts of jumping into the road!

Yesterday I decided to go and buy a pair of shorts that fit and weren’t maternity. I knew this was going to be a reality check and as much as I didn’t want it I also knew that I needed it. So, I went. I bought the shorts that were a size I haven’t worn in years. And I decided that that size shorts doesn’t define me. It isn’t permanent. I won’t be wearing them for long and that is what I need to remember. It actually was very motivating to eat a buster bar and then prepare myself to get my butt in shape!

I weighed this morning and I’m down a few more pounds—like 2.3,  I’m so proud of myself! I know that i would have been down more had I not done so many splurges, but I lost and I’m going to celebrate that! I’ve been good about tracking my calories and planning. I have plans to go walking tomorrow with my friend, too!

So, friends! I will blog to you next week… and I would love to read more from you other bloggers! 😉 Until then, I’m going to keep working until I can be an overachiever! 🙂

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