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I’m ticked


That is half a pound heavier than last week and I have been working hard! I hate weeks like this!

Instead of my normal, “Nothing I do matters anyway!” pout fest (that usually means I skip workouts and eat all sorts of things I’ve been avoiding) I am trying to double down. No skipping workouts and no sugar.

I type that reluctantly. I am weak. I only decided it this morning after my weigh in to avoid sugar and I’ve already come close to grabbing sugary treats. Can I stay away from sugar?

I can stay away from candy, soda, and other sugar-filled treats (which is where I usually find comfort in my disappointment). I can. Right? I mean, YES, I can.

Wish me luck (and better results at my next weigh in)!


I lost the race

It’s been a while so you probably don’t remember that my friend and I were racing to lose 10 pounds. Winner gets $10. She won. I’m excited for her and don’t mind paying up!

At the same time it’s another one of those “If I had just…” then I would be in a better place right now. Instead I’m kicking myself (figuratively…I’m not THAT flexible).

This past few weeks I think I’ve had some mental/emotional breakthroughs. I am talking to people about my goals again. Heck, I’m setting goals again! I’m finding motivation and new workout buddies.


My weight is hovering at the plateau I can’t seem to break through again! My goals include
1) Be consistent! A friend reminded me of the importance of this. I do tend to have a really good week or 10 days of workouts then “take a break” for any number of reasons. This morning I was in that mindset. I was ready to hit the snooze button and go back to sleep, but my goal popped into my head. I reluctantly got my tired booty out of bed and went to the 5:45 am cycle/spin class during summer because I knew if I didn’t then I would get my workout in today. Now that I’m home and sweaty I’m glad I did it.
2) Eat my veggies! I’m being purposeful in snacking on veggies and making sure they’re in every meal. It isn’t easy but I want it to be. Working on changing my habits.
3) Complete an ab challenge. I’m on day 8. My hubs is doing it with me for support and because he wants “to get ripped”. It won’t be that hard for him. Part of that goal i started today: checking in on twitter everyday. Need a daily dose of AB? Find me @ilovehar

I may have lost the race but I think I’ve found my focus. Now I’d better hit the shower before the masses wake up and want things like breakfast and to play games.

Wish me luck!

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