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To tell, or not to tell?

So I teased you last week in hopes of having pictures to go with my story. We were told that there were over 10,000 pics taken by the photographers along the route. I saw a few and even heard the “click, click, click” as I went by. There’s over 500 posted now and I am not in any of them. Found a great one of hubby, but the very large majority of them are of the “beautiful people” that ran it. Bitter much? Maybe a little. I am not the only one who noticed there were an awful lot of the pics of amply endowed, young, women who could use a little looser clothing. I know it is a much better site than, say, me fumbling through the mud, but I also hoped it would be nice to see “real” people doing it. It’s the world we live in though, isn’t it.

What do I do now. Tell you about the race, wait for some evidence to show I did it? (I am a little sarcastic because I actually had someone tell me they didn’t think I had really ran the race.) I am leaning toward waiting. Since I’ll look back on this someday, I think I would like images to go with it.

The scale is not my friend. The week leading up to the race, I was awful!! I barely managed a workout on that Monday. A measly half hour on the elliptical. It was a crazy week and I ate out FIVE times.

After the race, it was like I had this attitude, “Ok that’s over with. I don’t need to work so hard anymore.” You relax, don’t think it is that important to get to the gym. You made your goal…I felt myself getting complacent. It was made even easier since I injured myself in the race. It was very easy to think that I needed to take it easy.

Monday I realized that this is how it starts. That slippery slope to gaining one pound, two pounds, three pounds……  The up swing of the yo-yo. I made myself exercise. An easy, flat 2.5 mile walk. It was something. I got in 3 more workouts gradually harder as my leg felt better.

I knew my weight would not be good so I decided to measure. something I hadn’t done since the beginning of April. I have whittled away 10+ inches. A hunk of it from my chest and hips. Wouldn’t be nice if the chest became perkier as it got smaller? TMI? Come on, like you haven’t thought it? LOL Now if I can just get that kind of loss in inches off my thunder thighs!

Having this blog helped me stay on  get back on track.  I think I have set my next goal of doing a plain old 5k but in under 30 minutes. I have set the Turkey Trot for my deadline. I may have caught the racing bug. ;-}

Winning is not everything, but the effort to win is.   Unknown


Measuring Up

Today I decided not to look at the number on my scale. Not because it was going to be bad, I had no idea..I thought I had a decent (not outstanding, but decent) week. Instead, I pulled out my notebook that my surgeon had given me when I started my journey, and recorded my measurements. It was impressive to see where I had made improvements since the last time I measured, back in February. What really got me was looking at the numbers, both weight and measurements from when I began. Then I decided to push my luck even more, and I tried on the fitted shirt in the cute little size that is my motivation for the summertime trip. It fit, not necessarily as flattering as I want, but it doesn’t look like I am trying to squeeze into one of my teenage daughters shirts any longer. LOL.

Different things can either defeat or motivate me. I decided it is also the way I look at them that determines my attitude as well. My close battle buddy that I have known since our husbands went to Basic Combat Training together, sent her husband off on a 9-month deployment to Afghanistan last weekend. It broke her heart to watch her little people emotionally distraught over their Daddy having to leave them. My heart broke right along with her. As I was looking at her page and his, I stumbled upon an event he did. I thought it was amazing then, and reaffirmed those feelings seeing it again. Little did I know that I would come full-circle and that event be my moment of clarity…until today. Today, I stumbled upon a link from another friend.. and I investigated. I realized, this is what Greg had done, but this time I wasn’t terrified at the thought. It actually motivated me. I WANT to do this. I NEED to do this. For Greg, because I think he is an amazing hero..and this is my way of saying “Thanks”. For me, because I want to prove to myself that I have come full circle. That running 3 miles through obstacles and mud flinging in my face is the perfect way to surmise the last year of my journey. September 1, the day of the run…falls 4-days after my 1 year anniversary. So, after I chat it over with my hubby (and convince him AND my teenager that doing it with my would be AWESOME)..I want to commit. I want to have a new goal.I want to make sure I am measuring up to the person I want to be!!!

So, on that are my lucky numbers. I am doing a then & now, a little reality check to let myself know that I AM doing good things for my body and me.

July 27, 2011 DAY OF SURGERY:                                                  April 4, 2012

Neck: 14.5 ”                                                                            Neck: 12.25″

Chest: 52.25″                                                                          Chest: 41.5″

Hips: 59″                                                                                  Hips: 47″

Waist: 52″                                                                                Waist: 36.5″

Arm: 10.5″                                                                                Arm: 9.5″

Calf: 19.5″                                                                                Calf: 13.25″

Ankle: 9.25″                                                                              Ankle: 7.75″

BMI: 46.5                                                                                  BMI: 34

A little success goes a long way

So last Monday I started the Body for Life 12 week program.  I can feel  a difference already.  I used to be afraid of weights and the big machines at the gym before doing BFL in 2003. I find I really enjoy weights and feeling stronger.  I like the “ache” that I get when I work out and the feeling of accomplishment.  It’s encouraging. I will admit, taking the before pictures was a bit depressing but I like the results I’ve seen in only a week.  I have lost several inches when doing my measurements and my clothes are already feeling looser.  It’s a good change for me so far.  I’m going to ride this one out the entire 12 weeks!

The best part of it is the free day.  No exercise and eat whatever you want.  Now that’s my kind of plan!  It felt freeing to be able to eat the delicious cupcakes at the baby shower I gave without any guilt.  I had a few rolos and some Jelly Bellys and it was all ok.  I even got my “dirty” food in – a bean and cheese burrito from one of the “berto’s” out here.  It makes it so much easier to really focus on doing well when you know you have permission to eat whatever in just a few days.  I’m still working on getting enough water in but the equal carb  (mostly complex carbs and fruit) to protein in 6 meals a day – two of those with vegetables- is working for me.  It worked for me before so I know it can work for me again.  If nothing else, it’s renewed my enthusiasm and motivated me to succeed.

I also like the exercise regimen.  Upper body one day, cardio the next, lower body the following body and cardio the next.  Cardio is a HIIT (high intensity interval training) workout.  It’s tough but feels so good and only takes 20 minutes!  I can do that.  The upper and lower body workouts take about 50 minutes.

It seems many of us on this blog are a bit stuck and trying to find our way out of the hole we probably put ourselves in.  Everyone that I’ve read so far has a way they plan to get out.  I love that about you all.

If you are “stuck”, consider giving this a try… bodyforlife


In the past month I’ve lost less than 2 pounds. TWO. Two pounds is how much experts say is healthy to lose in a week, not a month. If I was on the Biggest Loser then I’d be losing…and not in the good way. That should be depressing, right?

However, I measured this morning and I’ve lost an inch on my waist alone in that same month. Taking these measurements has been motivational when I wanted to stick my tongue out at the scale and call it a liar. I’ve been getting more and more people noticing that I’m shrinking (I like using that word because it implies perpetual action). In the past month on the few areas I keep measuring I’ve lost more than 4 inches….in. a. month. Honestly I have no idea if that is normal or expected, but it feels extraordinary!

This week I’ll be checking out a gym and working on alternative workout options. Bought some yummy veggies and am working on eating more of those and less carbs. Carbs = sugar for diabetics like me. Stress and carbs make my blood sugar shoot through the roof which gives me a headache right behind my eyes and makes me want to nap. I’m taking 13 credit hours in school, have 3 children, and want to get pre-approved for a home loan in the next month. When do I have time to nap?

Wish me luck.

I’m not wearing underwear

Seriously. TMI? Too bad. My blog. My rules. Honesty is rule #1. This week has been another busy one and it seems my unders have been negelected by the “washer woman” (which is what my husband calls himself when he’s forced to do laundry because I’m always gone). Here I sit waiting for them to dry before I can leave the house.

This whole month has been rather busy. Using “busy” seems like such an understatement. Filled with non-stop activities, many of which were not desirable. But this week has gotten better. No one in my immediate circle has died and lately I count that as a good week. I didn’t have to clean up any puke either. Maybe I should consider it a great week…

Except I weighed in. I told you the stomach virus was cheating last week.


Over the course of the last month I have lost less than two pounds! And I haven’t had a single piece of candy. But my post last Friday was rather negative, so I went looking for some good news. I pulled out the tape measure and opened my spreadsheet which I created on October 14th (go ahead, call me a nerd, but spreadsheets make me happy). Since that day I’ve lost 1.8 pounds (big woop), but in the six areas I measure (neck, chest, waist, hips, right thigh, left bicep) I have lost a total of 4.5 inches in the last month. WOOOHOOO!  So maybe I will start believing people when they say they can see a difference.

This week I had a test in my abnormal psych class which in part covered eating disorders. While I don’t want to try to define “normal” I can say that I am definitely not abnormal. Reading about how people (because it isn’t just women) can limit themselves to only drinking coffee, force themselves to puke, take laxatives, workout for 3 hours because they ate a piece of cake…that just reaffirmed that I am doing this the right way. Hard work. The kind of hard work that makes you sweat in front of other people. And go out of your way to avoid the dessert table at church functions. And make insane decisions like thinking I am going to be ready to run 13.1 miles in May. (I got into the Ogden Half Marathon on May 19th!)

I’m going to keep on doing the “normal” things. But right here and now I’m making a declaration. I’m not even calling it a goal. It’s just something I am going to do. (cuz, you know, deciding to run a half marathon wasn’t enough for one week) For the first time in my life I am going to lose weight during the holiday season. By January 1st of 2012 I will show significant progress from my weight today…and because of a stupid statistics class I’m in I could probably do a math problem to prove it…but I won’t.

Wish me luck.

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