Warning TMI

Seriously though turn away if you have issues with the girlie stuff…






Have I lost all the squeamish? Oh good.

I have eaten halloween candy. Lots of it. I’ve probably eaten more candy in the last week than I have had since January 1st. Ok that may not be true. But I don’t even feel bad about it. You see what else I haven’t really seen since January? Aunt Flo. I had to take medication to get her to come around and lets just say she wasn’t happy it had taken so long. In fact she extended her trip. Have I mentioned I have had a miscarriage before? I think this was worse. I only “think” so because I’ve tried so hard to forget about it. We were trying for a baby when this hiatus happened this year. I stopped trying when it was clear my body wasn’t working right and after months and months of waiting for it to normalize itself I went to the doctor.

This is part of why I was so scared to go in a few weeks ago. I didn’t want him to tell me it was weight related. I didn’t want him to tell me to lose fifty pounds before we started trying again.

And he didn’t say either of those things. He didn’t seem at all worried about my weight. He ran some tests because I have been having a hard time trying to lose weight. There was no reason it should be so hard. And no real reason for the long hiatus from aunt flo.

So this week I was a grump. This news combined with aunt flo and the election controversy made me depressed, in pain and occasionally pretty fed up (especially when I would hear or read people saying other’s opinions were wrong).

Next week I have meal plan, an exercise plan and all the good Halloween candy is almost gone. Things should be looking up.


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