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Holidays and my husband

Yesterday was my true love’s birthday so I hung with him, mostly doing nothing, instead of blogging. He deserves my attention. This man has never once complained about my changing body or hinted that he didn’t like it. The exact opposite, he has ALWAYS a made me feel desired. I am a lucky woman and I wish every man could be as good to his wife as mine has been to me.

One of my purposes as I work to get fit, rid myself of this extra weight is to be the wife he deserves.

I weighed myself the day before Thanksgiving. I’d been avoiding weighing in because I felt like it wasn’t going to be good news. I was right.


The good news is the bottom weight which was yesterday. I lost a pound over the last week which included the biggest feast day of the year. Huge success!

Gives me hope for the rest of the holidays. I’m still working out 4 times a week and trying to eat more veggies. No excuses.

Wish me luck!


Pace Yourself

Ever have one of those days where there just isn’t enough time in the day? Or weeks? Or decades?


Last Saturday was my “free” day. Didn’t have any sporting events, church activities, parties or meetings planned. Usually my hubs is home on Saturdays but he was working so it was just me and the kids. I was free to sleep in…

Does that say 7:29 am and is Little Man ever going to sleep in…ever?!

I was free to tackle the laundry

Don’t judge me. It’s almost finished….YES, it’s 4 days later, but no one will agree to my idea of one outift per month.

I was even free to weigh in. It wasn’t my “normal” weigh in day and I didn’t stick to my routine, but I braved it and got on the scale anyway.

I don’t know what is more disturbing: my weight or my toenails.

I didn’t want to share this picture, because it requires a difficult admission: When I don’t workout and I eat whatever I want I gain weight. No that isn’t earth shattering news, but it is still hard. The deeper difficulty is that all of the weeks of hard work were only helping me to maintain my weight. I need to make some real and new changes.

Tomorrow is The Feast. Thanksgiving. Perfect time to make change? Ummm…

Well, I have a two step plan for all of us which applies to both the Thanksgiving feast and the insanity that is Black Friday shopping.

Step 1: Have a plan

  • Thanksgiving: If you know cousin Sandra, is bringing her sticky buns for dessert and you won’t be able to resist then maybe you should skip the dinner roll, drink water/skip the beverages full of empty calories, and load up on veggies.
  • Black Friday: Know where the deals/door busters are that YOU want. Do not wander aimlessly.

Step 2: Stick to your budget

  • Thanksgiving: It is perfectly acceptable to calorie count (if that is your thing), to politely pass on Aunt Molly’s weird gelatin “salad”, and to save some of your favorites for later to keep yourself from gorging.
  • Black Friday: Do NOT spend more money than you have. Cute little Riley will be just as happy with the cheaper option as she will with the one that will contribute to the breaking of the bank. If you can, stick to cash. You will thank me in January.

If you want to know how the weekend is going you can follow me on Twitter! Yep, I took the plunge. My handle is @scalemattersABC. Hopefully, this should get me through the weekend and give me time to regroup/come up with a real plan for the rest of the holiday season.

Wish me luck!





I need to practice my 3D’s much more.

Delay – waiting 10 minutes or so after a craving hits can sometimes be all it takes to help you “win”

Distract – I use this all the time on my kids…finding something else (non-food related) to take my attention from the wants I am feeling at the moment.  Especially when the distraction takes a decent amount of time (combining delay and distract)

Distance – Keeping the food out of sight is best, but if you can’t, make sure you’re not standing right over it, or beside someone eating it…or you’re sure to fixate on it and eventually give in.

I will be practicing my 3D’s this week to help me overcome my late night snacking issue I’ve got.  I know they are helpful at night when I remember to use them so I’ve got them on my computer.

I am up a couple of pounds from Thanksgiving and a desert trip…always tough to eat well at either of these.  I have been much more active lately which helped keep that number down.  The Turkey Trot was a great start to the day.  I also credit that from keeping me from eating too too too much.  But even keeping an eye on portion size, the foods that were at the table were all loaded with fat, etc which makes them taste SO good, but makes them not so great for a sensible meal…then there are the leftovers!  Black Friday shopping was a decent day of moving, and the weekend was full of fun on our new quad.  I am seriously feeling my muscles…now I just need to keep my moving grooving.  So, how was your Thanksgiving?  What are your plans to make it through the rest of the holidays?

Blue Friday

I was enjoying spending time with my kids and husband so much that I forgot to post yesterday! I did not forget to weigh in though. That wasn’t good news, but I’m not posting it. I’m calling it my bye week. Weighing in the day after Thanksgiving even when I added a workout to my week was a depressing idea.

In other bad news Aim’s husband was playing two hand touch football on Thanksgiving day and wound up in the hospital with a cracked rib and collapsed lung instead of at their dinner table…after waiting for him to come home from Iraq! He’s expected to go home soon, but we would all appreciate prayers, happy thoughts and good wishes on their behalf.

Aim didn’t get to go Black Friday shopping. That doubles the sadness of her weekend! Me? I dabbled in some shopping yesterday, but did not do my normal up at the crack of dawn shopping. Got one Christmas present. I’m learning to love Internet shopping lately. How about you? What was the highlight of your holiday weekend so far?

This week…I have to crack down on my bad habits. I have been getting exercise in and plan to add 2 jog/walk sessions each week in addition. What I have not been doing is paying attention to my calorie input. I DETEST counting calories, and it seems to push through this set point some drastic measures must be taken. My eating schedule has been horrible. I barely get a piece of toast in the morning then I’m hungry at school all day and maybe snack on a bag of chips. Then come home and eat way too much at night and before bed. Not healthy! I’m working on getting a good breakfast, packing my lunch and exercising restraint in the evening time this week. If that doesn’t work (ie – I don’t lose weight this week) then I may have to do the thing I have been dreading in this effort to lose weight and spend some time counting calories. {insert self pitying whimper}

Wish me luck!

Something new..

Have you ever had that feeling that you are going in the right direction, and you feel like tempting fate and pushing your luck? That was exactly how I felt when I took the plunge and registered my ENTIRE family for Fort Riley’s “Turkey Two-Miler” Afterall, I was accomplishing the high endurance cardio work-out right, I was all over this!! Ummm…wow. I didn’t realize that the creators of his event were a bit sadistic, and liked to inflict pain in the form of hills that make your thighs scream for mercy!! LOL. However, I had such a sense of pride as I watched every single member of my family complete the two miles…even my two-year old little guy ran the last 1/4 mile!! I realized that leading by example will just increase not only my health, but that of my family as well. A year ago, there was no way I was even thinking of doing that. I didn’t exactly break any land/speed records, and my sweet husband stayed my pace (even though he could have run circles around me.LOL)..yet, it felt good to reach the end and feel like I had made a GIANT step towards a new beginning.

The last few weeks I have struggled with adapting to my husband being home (have I told you the man is 6′ and 175 lbs soaking wet) and his ability to eat anything. He also has been in food deprivation for the last 8 he has been splurging, A LOT. The result for me, at first was going to 247, and holding strong. Last week I dropped to 245, and felt better…not great, better. Now I weighed today (just for my sanity) and the scale was a pleasant surprise..242!! I am excited to be back on track, and even one pound less than when he came home. Now I just need to curb the night munchies…ugh.

In keeping with the spirit of Thanksgiving Eve… I am grateful for new starts. To be able to actually run with my family for the first time in years. Felt great, and I want to feed (bad choice of words) UTILIZE, that break through and have a new goal. My in-laws are coming to visit in two weeks. I want to be feeling the love of the 230’s when I pick them up at the airport. It is achievable, I just need to let my stomach control the amount I eat..and not let my eyes try to be bigger than what I can/should consume.

This year we are so happy to be able to have my family all in one place. To have a table that is complete, with my amazing husband. I feel truly blessed for the bounty I have received already!! Have a wonderful Thanksgiving =)

Finding the light..

After attempting to post this last night, and having it deleted (twice), I am here on the morning after to spill the beans. LoL.

Lately, I have been trying to push through the rut my numbers have been showing me. If I have to be honest, “pushing” is maybe an exageration..maybe a slight “nudge” every now and again. My workouts, when I do them have been few and far between..and I am exercising EXTREME willpower where food is concerned (and not always winning). However, I did discover something I wanted to share. It has been really cold here is the middle of dorothy-ville where we are currently residing, and I have been unable to do my walks. So, I thought I would put on my “Biggest Loser” DVD and speak to Bob (we have been very silent lately, and I only have myself to blame). I am not sure what possessed me to do it, but looking at the workout options, I selected “High Impact Cardio Workout” and started my stretch. Wow! I did not know what a butt-kicking I was in for. Lots of one-minute “sprints” of all out-give-it-all-you-got-before-you-die kind of punishment. is the great part, I MADE IT THROUGH. I am talking the ENTIRE work-out. It is amazing when you shed some weight, okay A LOT of weight, just how much more you actually are able to do. I am not in shape (yet), but I am in BETTER shape than I have been in years. And that workout let me know I was on the right path. I can do this..and so can you!

It really is not all numbers, to be honest, I am not weighing in this week. I don’t want to set myself up for a number that I don’t want to see. When I visited my surgeon last week, and had a fill, I was disappointed when they weighed me in. I wanted more loss. More results. Better outcomes in a quicker time frame. He knocked me off my weight loss high horse pretty quick and explained that it was a slower process, and to look at what I had already achieved. He showed me a number that made me a whole lot more humble. As of that day, I had loss 35% of my excess weight since I first met him. That is AMAZING. I just have to look at it his way, and stop emptying my glass all the time. LOL. I am finding my skinny-me…she just needs a bit more time. So that is what I am going to do. Try not to focus on the numbers, pounds and immediate results of the week. Instead I am going to take it day-to-day and focus on what I can do to improve my routine. This week I will talk to Bob at least 3 times, and stay away from the carb-monsters that haunt my appetite. I will park in the farthest parking spot (unless it is snowing..lets be honest here. LOL) when I shop. I am also planning Thanksgiving Dinner, and researching recipes to make it healthier..starting with LOTS of sodium free products =) and scaling down the amount of food on our table. Leftovers are awesome, but not if they sabotage my weight loss. I am in this for the long haul…and I need to find foods that will go the distance with me =)

                          Be kind to your body, and smile more…thats my advice and I am sticking to it!

death sucks and i hate being wrong

It has been rough week. Last Friday my Friend got the call that every wife dreads. She has said countless times this week, “You never want to see ‘LA Coroner’ on your caller ID.” Her husband of 200 months was killed in a tragic accident. I think it is meaningful that my post last week was about how we have to adjust to whatever happens in our lives, because the unfortunate truth of that is very real this week for my Friend and her family.

Honestly, it seems to be going beyond her family, this inability to process, accept, and move on. Many from our ward (that’s Mormon for the group we attend church with) have been affected by this death in ways we cannot explain. Yes, it has only been a week and the pain and shock are fresh, but life (carpools, school, music, jobs…) cruelly does not stop because we feel this loss in our lives.

I remember when I was away at college and my brother called to tell me about my grandpa dying unexpectedly. Later that day in preparation for going home to be with my family I had to drive somewhere. I distinctly remember being surrounded by many cars on the road and thinking, “How can they just go on like this? How can they function in a world where he does not exist?” I imagine that my Friend is experiencing exponentially similar pain and confusion.

How do we deal with the pain? How do we come to terms with living while those we love are not? I’ve started by trying to remember that for which I am grateful, an appropriate activity for this month of Thanksgiving. I’m also taking my Friend’s advice: Treasure your husband (she is quite wise and wonderful and an amazing example of strength, testimony and love). Yesterday I went on a date with my husband. Yesterday was a hard day. The day after the funeral. The day I weigh in (and am supposed to blog). The day I found out I gained a pound. Woe is me right? But my reward at the end of the day was time with my husband. After a little shopping and dinner at Five Guys, we ended up at the movies where I did something I was not sure I wanted to do. Something that I had debated back and forth within myself and discussed with my husband many times. I’m pretty sure I even told a few people there was no way I would support this effort. But alas, I was too tired to wait an extra half hour for a different movie, so I bit the bullet and went to see Footloose.

Dang it if it wasn’t really good. Really good! The plot was updated. Costumes and names and vehicles (!) stayed true to the original (which was one of my top 3 faves as a teenager). I even thought several of the actors looked similar to those in the original. Overall, I thought it was a good tribute to the Footloose I knew as a kid. Not only did I like it (dang it), but I learned (or maybe was reminded of) some important things. First, everyone grieves. We have all had loss on some scale. We can find common ground and can grow together through our grief (bet you didn’t think the movie was that deep). Second, and probably most applicable to this blog: when your sad, pissed, or just need to blow off steam dancing is an excellent way to do it!

Yep, dancing.  I remember going dancing a lot in my younger years and it wasn’t always about cute boys. Sometimes it was just about enjoying the music and moving until I was sweaty and exhausted. Maybe you prefer running or kickboxing? But the point is that it is way more healthy to deal with those emotions through exercise rather than feeding your face…or sitting around pouting. Both of which I’m really good at. My Friend must know this (at least in theory) because before her husband’s funeral she signed up to run a marathon next May. See…she’s amazing.

My goal for this week is to dance. Dance until I’m sweaty. I doubt that I’ll look as good as either Ren MacCormack dancing around an abandoned warehouse, but dog gone it I’m going to feel better after.

Wish me luck (and add some prayers that I won’t have any other deaths to blog about next week)!

Better things to do…

Aims is preoccupied this week with things I’m sure we’ll hear about next week. Hopefully, with pictures. Did you hear that, Aim!?!?

In the meantime, I must apologize for not update our Who’s Weighing In page with info on our new bloggers. We’ll work on that. But seeing as how I can’t even write my own snippet…someone else better work on that. Volunteers?

While I’m here thought I’d share a new discovery I made this week. Have you tried the new dessert inspired gum from Extra? It helps me curb my mid-afternoon craving for sweets. Mint chocolate chip is yummy, but this week I bought this flavor…

That’s right: Apple Pie. And let me tell you….it is like chewing gum from Willy Wonka’s factory. Apple pie! Delish! If you want to skip the calories but not the flavor this Thanksgiving (or tomorrow) pick some of this good stuff up. Anyone tried the Key Lime or one of the other flavors?

So to sum up: Chew gum. Aims has better things to do. Don’t hold your breath on the Who’s Weighing In update.

See you Friday.

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