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Easter Plans

Hello Friends!!  

I can’t believe it is already Tuesday, WOW, this week has gone by very quickly.  We completed what was a the final week of a musical theater production with my children.  The week was packed with more that 70 hours of time spent at the theater.  Thanks to my amazing husband, we didn’t have to eat fast food, he cooked us up some great “mobile” meals and brought them to the theater.  

I am working quite hard this week to be extremely diligent with my eating and exercise as Sunday is Easter, and we like to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus by celebrating with family and that includes some extremely good (and not so weight friendly) food.  I intend on not only preparing the meal for my family, but enjoying it with them.  This means the rest of the week, I had better be on top of things. 

Planning is the best route to success, although I have my secret weapons, I am planning on eating a lot of negative calorie cabbage soup (google the recipe it’s great) with some chicken.  I do take some artistic liberties with the recipe, because I like a lot of flavor in my food. 

Exercise is also high up on my agenda.  Hopefully a well planned week will allow me the freedom to enjoy our Easter celebrations without guilt.  

Until next week…. God bless each of you!  Celebrate Jesus taking your sins to the cross and fulfilling His promise to rise 3 days later….  He has risen indeed!!!!


5:30 is NOT going to happen!!

Whew… It’s still Tuesday and I almost forgot to post.  Well, I got on the scale today and there was no movement.  I am grateful for that because there was not much exercising going on this week at my house.  The best laid plans, right??  Well, my husband and I seriously considered the 5:30 exercise classes at the Y, but that few extra hours of sleep in the morning was way to precious to part with….SO, I am back a regular routine of exercising in the afternoons and evenings.  

It is quite fun to see the encouragement my family is getting from my new found life choice.  My children are exercising and watching what they are putting in their bodies, and it brings me joy to have them encouraging me to continue to do what is healthy.  

I do hope I have good news to report next week after my v

Not much today.

A new week!!  A new day!!  I got myself back on the scale today, and it is again moving in a downward direction.  Yeah!!!!    Although I have been fussing with colds, flues, and other cases of the “yuckies” going through my house, I have managed to keep up with the exercises and water intake.  

I think I have my husband talked into heading to the gym at 5:30 in the morning with me a few days a week.  Not sure I am going to like it, but it does seem like it would be a great way to get in some exercise and still give me the hours in the day I need to function.  We both agreed that we should get acclimated to the time change before we make this commitment.  

Life is going well, we are busy which adds some challenges with food and exercise, but it is real life and I must figure out a way to make it work.  

Not a very exciting, or inspiring post today but that is about where I am.  I will have to work extra hard to meet that goal on May 31, so I better get to it. 

Love to you all!!


A bit discouraged. :(

After a week of eating well, and exercising five of the seven days this week, I was actually excited about getting on the scale this morning.   I anxiously got up, went through my morning “weigh in” routine and voila!!!  I lost 0 pounds!  no, that is not a 10 missing the one, it is a big zero!!!  Oh my goodness, I was incredibly disappointed.   

So, I went to the couch, had my cup of coffee, and reminded myself that I had to keep going, and “let my success catch up with me.”  I do also remember that right now I am working on my spiritual fruit “patience”, and let me tell you, it is so much easier said than done.  

I found my patience being tested the rest of the day.  Life, I find is not the easiest place to practice patience.  Unfortunately, I find myself looking in the cupboard for a little “pick me up” instead of hopping on the treadmill in the garage.   

In all honesty, I did “hit the cupboard” today, but I also “hit the treadmill”.  Not a perfect day, but certainly better balanced than it could have been.   It is a new week, I plan to keep pushing for that big 30, and hope the success catches up with me by May 31st.

Love to you all!!!!  Happy week.

New Beginnings

My husband reminded me that I have not reported on my weight in a few weeks, I can take this information and make many assumptions.  I am fortunate in knowing that he loves me whether I am fat or skinny; So I am simply excited that he is not just reading my posts, he is really trying to understand and support me.  With that being said I have reached the weight of 232.2.  Although I am pleased with the fact that I have lost 26 pounds, I know I need to step it up and work a bit harder at this.

Everyday is a new beginning, wouldn’t you agree?  I just read a quote today, by an unknown author, it read “If it matters to you, you will make it happen.  If it doesn’t, you will make excuses.”  I found this quite profound, and can be used in every area my life, especially my weight and health.  I have been so blessed that God has always surrounded me with people that love me regardless of my weight or size.  The challenging side to that is I had to make it matter, and I have not.  I realize that I am a very poor example to my children in the area of taking care of myself.  So, a new beginning!!

I have set a new goal for myself;  Are you ready, this is a big one?  By May 31st (of this year, not next)  I plan to be under 200 pounds.  3 months and 30 pounds!!  I know it can be done if I make it matter, so that is precisely what I plan to do.  

Galatians 5:22-23

But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self-control; against such things there is no law.

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