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Generally I like to work out on Friday mornings before I weigh in. Who wouldn’t? This morning I couldn’t fit it into my schedule. I reluctantly stepped onto the scale anyway.


When I looked down I couldn’t stop staring (and it wasn’t because of my fabulous Jamberry pedicure – loving my toes). Even now thinking about I feel like I have to keep looking back at the picture to be sure it was real.

THREE POUNDS DOWN from last week.


I shouldn’t be shocked. I worked hard this week to exercise and make good/healthy food choices in the midst of all my stuff (that is such an inadequate word to describe the activities, errands, housework, and people I care for).

My dear Auntie’s words keep ringing in my ears, “Take care of yourself. Your health is just as important!” I am thankful for her reminder. She has been an angel these last few months as I’ve been more and more involved in caring for my dad (who is doing better, by the way).

These days I seem to be finding inspiration everywhere: baggy pants, encouraging words, the way I feel, healthy and yummy foods, and especially in my friends. My friend, Andreanna, is sharing on Instagram her “secrets” as she is losing weight. She has lost over 100 pounds this year by moving more and eating healthier. Check her out there as @weighedandmeasured She is Awesome.

I’m still struggling with 10 pm bedtime but I’m determined to make it work this week. Wish me luck!


I knew it

Remember last week’s post when I pointed out that stubborn and sick are not a good combination? Yeah, well, it put my dad in the hospital. That’s the short version.

After my normal morning routine of being mom, I’ve been driving the 20 miles to my dad’s hospital to be daughter/advocate/errand girl. Nutrition has taken a back seat to just making sure I ate and I’ve only seen the gym twice.


did not surprise me. At least it’s only a pound. It serves as a good reminder that even in difficult situations I can make better choices.

Better choices no matter my circumstance – there’s my goal for the week. Wish me luck.

Stress and the fat woman

I weighed in.

It wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t great.

It was…


.2 pounds down.

As I weighed in – and for completely unrelated to my weight reasons – I could feel the stress binding up my body. It’s been a tough week. My dad…is stubborn and sick which is a horrible combination. Some weeks are worse than others especially when the rest of my life isn’t perfect and smooth…which it never is.


Stress is not conducive to weight loss.

Exercise does help with the stress. I’ve don’t that lots this week. My body is sore. I’ve done a little stress eating but as soon as I realized what I was doing I stopped.

Another weapon against the stress I’m using: in bed by 10 and up before 6. Some nights that is easier than others but it feels good…and makes it easier to get to the early spin class.

Praying for a week that has more weight loss than stress. Wish me luck!




I was nervous about weighing in this morning (perhaps you saw my tweet last night?). I started wondering if my last weigh in was a fluke or a mistake. It came when I needed it most, and it spurned me on to work hard and eat well. If I weighed in this morning and I had gained, I wasn’t going to be surprised or discouraged. I was just going to keep trying. 

…and THAT, my friends, is  p r o g r e s s.

After weighing in at very near a pound and a half less (than last week) this morning

2014-09-05 weigh in

I realized that this has been a gift from Heavenly Father when I needed something encouraging. I am glad that I did something useful with His gift and made more progress. It feels good. 

Really good.

So if you see me this week with my face in my smartphone, I’m probably not checking Facebook or playing Bejeweled. I’m probably updating my SparkPeople app with how much water I’ve had to drink or what I just ate or adding my workout. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the report at the end of the day that shows my calorie differential (how many I’ve burned vs. how many I’ve eaten). It is more satisfying than Ben & Jerry’s at the end of a crappy day. 

Blasphemy? Maybe, but I leave you with this, my new favorite quote, which may help you to understand:


Working to make this my mantra when I am tempted. WISH ME LUCK!



I stole this from a blog I discovered today because I thought it very fitting….and because I need this reminder all the time!

Happy hump day, friends!

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