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Do Over?

Occasionally I bribe my kids with donuts for breakfast in return for getting ready quickly. It makes us all happy.

This week after eating the blueberry muffin I chose when my little dude picked his donut I used my SparkPeople app to record it. I was shocked to find out it was 460 calories! Little dude wanted in on the “fun” of counting calories. We looked up his donut and it was the exact same number of calories as my stupid muffin.

I wanted a do over but my husband assured me it doesn’t work that way. That stupid muffin.

I’ve resisted counting calories for years but using the app has been both easy and eye opening. (Who knew a “healthier” option could be so unhealthy?) I really love to look at the calorie differential report when I’ve had a good day too se the difference between what I’ve burned and what I’ve eaten. I don’t use it everyday but on days when I know I’m going to need some help it keeps me in check.

I’ve ignored the app recently probably because I haven’t been making the best food choices…which is reflected in my weight not changing for the past two weeks.


If I want to have any hope of shedding pounds in these days leading up to Halloween I need to get my act together. No sweets. Keep track of my calorie intake. Don’t be lazy.

To be fair (to myself) I have been good at making workouts a priority. I actually got myself in bed before 10 most nights this week too which made the waking up before dawn to get to the gym easier.


My jeans were sagging today. I was getting frustrated at constantly having to pull them up until I realized what it meant…I’m getting smaller! *happy dance*

Now I need to get all of that together…and take my dōTERRA supplements (which I haven’t been doing) so next week’s weigh in will be awesome.

Wish me luck! 🎃


Small victories

I went to the market today. My favorite carbonated beverage was on sale. It’s a healthier option than other sodas so every once in a while I indulge (which is a stark difference than a few years ago when I drank more soda than water). Last time I brought it home I drank one can a day for almost 2 weeks. Self restraint?

Maybe. But! I didn’t lose any weight in that time frame.

Today I walked past My Soda three times and each time I almost talked myself into buying it.


Thankfully, I overcame my “natural (wo)man”, reminded myself that I need every little help I can get in shedding this weight, and did not put them in my cart.

I’m sodaless.

Now it’s 9:45 and I am seriously in my bed. What is happening? Why all the willpower? Quick someone bring me a pint of New York Super Fudge Chunk and we’ll find out just how strong I can be.

Never mind.

I’m too sleepy to get a spoon.

Sleep tight. Wish me luck (and more of this super power as the days go by)!

No complaints


Down two more lbs.

Been working hard and making (mostly) healthy choices.

Life is busy but I’m making time for me and that’s made all the difference.

During the semi-annual General Conference of my church this weekend this guy spoke about taking responsibility for our own physical fitness and how it relates to increasing our Spiritual self. Super awesome talk. Check it out.

It’s a tough season to avoid junk but in previous years I’ve avoided all candy during October and November. It’s an effective plan.

Go ahead and steal it.

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