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Sweat it out

Worked out 4 (count them FOUR) days in a row this week.

My weight is exactly the same.

I hate it when that happens…but I know all of the ways my body weight fluctuates from week to week and as long as I keep working hard it will show in my weight soon enough.

I forgot how good I feel after a workout. When I’m on the bike in spin/cycling class and it is getting harder I try to think about all of things I want/don’t want for Future AB. Picturing myself in good health and doing the things I love (as opposed to sitting around my house wishing I could do those things) helps me find that oomph I need to keep going, push harder.

After my workout I’m starving and wanting to eat something healthy. Don’t want to counteract all the good I just did! Still having weakness late at night but working on putting myself to bed when I’m tired.

Hating my clothes less, too. I know it’s not their fault, but it sure was easy to blame them for how unbecoming I felt….feel. Workout more = feel more becoming in my clothing. (Is that an old lady word: becoming? Oh well, have I mentioned I’m 42? I can use old lady words)

Tami, my cycle class buddy will be on a camping trip this week. One I used to go on, too, but life needs me at home this year. My goal this week is to get to class even without her here and spend some time playing with my boys in the pool. It’s hot enough!

Wish me luck!


Step away from the cookies……

…….and no one gains weight!

How are you doing with all the food that is EVERYWHERE!?

I have indulged a little more than I would have hoped I would. I am getting about 3 workouts a week, again not what I had planned, but I shan’t complain as that appears to be better than some. (No Judgement Ladies! Believe me, I know life gets in the way!) I plan to have hubby drop me off at the gym while he goes and does his annual waited-until-the-last-minute-and-must-go-shopping-now event.

The first years we were married he would try and pretend that he wasn’t shopping for me on Christmas Eve. ‘I’ve just got to get some wrapping paper.” “I ran out of ribbon.” “I hid your presents at a friend’s house and have to go get them.” It wasn’t long before I learned the “friend” was named The Mall. LOL! He doesn’t try to hide it now.

When we were engaged he tried to convince me that we should get married on Christmas. One day for him to remember, Christmas, anniversary, and my birthday all in one shot. (Yes, my b-day is on Christmas hence the name “Kris” as in Kringle. I was suppose to be a boy.) I have to remind him now how much more in trouble he would be trying to shop for 3 important dates at the last minute. He still thinks it would have been an awesome idea. Men!

This year I will begin my birthday with a workout! That’s my plan. I would prefer it be sleeping in but as I have  preschoolers, the excitement will not keep them in bed. Hubs will not be home from working the ER until afternoon, there will be no opening of presents until then. Since I will be up, I might as well start a new year of life off right.

I hope you all remember the reason for the Season and spend some wonderful time with loved ones!

Merry Christmas!!

Be Excellent

I tried so hard for an excellent week that I kinked my neck and it has set me back a little bit…just a little bit though.  I missed a couple workouts but have gotten in my cardio workouts.  I’m going to try weights tonight and see how we do.  Knowing I have a chiropractor appt on Wed is helping me decide to try things out tonight.

I think I’ve been much too free on my free days.  I made some delicious cupcakes this weekend and snacked on them the whole time I was making them…a 3 step process.  I  found that I added a whole cup of extra butter in them, making them incredibly moist – and a little crumbly…yet full of fat – but tasty all the same.  Add  some ganache (I love that word) and frosting and YUM!  I did only eat one of the cupcakes I made but I might have had 6 in the oopses and testings.  OH Well.  Our friends made some lovely green cocktails as well and the appetizers were OH MY!…you catch my drift.  A very excellent free day and some excellent workout/eating days make for an ok week.

Being in the desert this weekend, I will need to really watch my foods and make a seriously laid out plan of what I can eat and when.  Saturday I will take my not so out of control free day and know I’ll be getting in a fun workout.  We’ll see if I can see a change on the scale by Friday – I plan on doing my weigh-ins on Fridays now…instead of after a free day.  That just isn’t fair, is it?  Anyway, that’s my plan.  I haven’t shared my weight in some time because there’s nothing to share.  I am exactly the same.  No more, no less, just up one or two and down one or two, but never down into the 160’s.  It’s about time.  That’s my hope for Friday anyway.

Here’s to an excellent week!

The start of something new

I’ve got so many balls up in the air, I forgot today was Monday!  A good evening to you all!

I started Body for Life today.  I’m going to be feeling it tomorrow!  Got my upper body workout done and it was a doozy!  Everything I ate was good, but I didn’t get enough meals in.  I also need more water tomorrow, but not a bad day.  I feel good about this plan because I know the workouts I’m doing will definitely be changing me.  It did before…it can’t not.  It’s a lot to commit to, but I’ve finally decided I’m worth it.

My sweet husband cheered me on while I finished up my exercises tonight.  He made a beautiful BFL meal for me too.  I love that man!  I am working on plans for tomorrow and the rest of the week because waiting for things to calm down around here would have me waiting indefinitely…

I need to weigh in tomorrow – didn’t happen today, and I need to take measurements, so I can marvel at the change.  Optimistic…

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