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Sweat it out

Worked out 4 (count them FOUR) days in a row this week.

My weight is exactly the same.

I hate it when that happens…but I know all of the ways my body weight fluctuates from week to week and as long as I keep working hard it will show in my weight soon enough.

I forgot how good I feel after a workout. When I’m on the bike in spin/cycling class and it is getting harder I try to think about all of things I want/don’t want for Future AB. Picturing myself in good health and doing the things I love (as opposed to sitting around my house wishing I could do those things) helps me find that oomph I need to keep going, push harder.

After my workout I’m starving and wanting to eat something healthy. Don’t want to counteract all the good I just did! Still having weakness late at night but working on putting myself to bed when I’m tired.

Hating my clothes less, too. I know it’s not their fault, but it sure was easy to blame them for how unbecoming I felt….feel. Workout more = feel more becoming in my clothing. (Is that an old lady word: becoming? Oh well, have I mentioned I’m 42? I can use old lady words)

Tami, my cycle class buddy will be on a camping trip this week. One I used to go on, too, but life needs me at home this year. My goal this week is to get to class even without her here and spend some time playing with my boys in the pool. It’s hot enough!

Wish me luck!


Out of the ashes a phoenix rises.

Hellllloooooo?! Are you out there?

Bueller?                    Bueller?                 Bueller?

We have been missing some fellow weight warriors. I think I can safely say AB and I miss you. I miss hearing your updates, even if they are not glowing. It so helps to hear others struggle too. We are here for each other in the good, bad, skinny and the more-of-you-to-love times.

Drop a line, let us know how you are doing. Please?

It’s been a roller coaster of a week. Little did I know last week just how bad things would get around here.  It’s been like a movie watching the fire destruction. As word would come of someone we knew being evacuated or that theirs was one of the homes destroyed, it has made us thankful. Every morning we wake up and hope to look out the window and not see the plumes of smoke and every night as clouds gather we pray for rain and hold our breath when we see the lightning that it won’t light another fire.

I am sooooo sick of the heat as well! I’d go back to Arizona if I liked it this hot all the time. It’s making it very hard to want to do a run outside. I think I would just sweat away to nothing. Wait, isn’t that what I want? I could just melt away to my goal weight. LOL! Too bad I can’t stand the thought of that much sweat. I wish I just “glistened.” No, it’s stuck pig sweat gross.

Anyway…….Can you say “SQUIRREL?”

Ok progress report. So this week was the end of the quarter. The Weigh and Win  program goes by quarters and you have until the end of each to lose a certain amount of weight to win money. The first cash tier is at 5% weight loss. The higher the percentage the higher the prize money. I didn’t get it the first quarter. I wasn’t getting anywhere significant on weight loss until the last 5 weeks as those of you following along know. After my last weigh in though, it was actually obtainable. From 228.2, I just needed a good 1/2 pound loss to secure the 5%. That’s doable, right?! I could do that, come on!

I worked out, even turned up the levels. Was pretty good with food. When I weighed in Thursday I totally expected to have that 1/2 pound knocked out. 229! What! That’s not right! The number is supposed to go down not up! I now needed more than 1/2 a pound and only until Saturday to do it. The doubts crept in. The voices whispered. I wasn’t going to hit that 5%. I was perturbed. I was not going to get this close and not make it!

I sweated and worked and had stiff, sore muscles. I had thoughts of fasting on Friday to hit the mark on Saturday. I didn’t. I even cheated with a 100 calorie ice cream bar. I wasn’t going to have a false weight. I was either going to hit the mark or not and hopefully be ok with whatever. I knew I would be mad if it didn’t go my way, but I had made up my mind that I wouldn’t let it stop or slow me down. It would just be a hiccup.

I weighed in on Saturday with hubby waiting outside the kiosk. I came out suppressing a fist pump with a big ole “YES!” There were other people around after all. He could see on my face the results though. Take that 1/2 pound! 5.26%!! 226.8lbs!!!

Now begins a new quarter. The next cash prize is at 10%. Of course 15% is even more money! Momma needs a new pair of shoes! Not really, but some new workout clothes would be nice. My pants are getting a little too loose!

I hope we all have a good week on and off the scale!

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