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I have been disgusted frustrated with my feelings about this blog.  I know this is a place of support and encouragement, but I have been embarrassed at how horrible I’ve been lately, so I fell into a familiar “ignore it and it will go away” mode that is a complete lie.  I’m tired of lying to myself and I didn’t see any good in coming here to spew ugliness.  But you’ve asked for it…I really hate the way I look right now.  I only see the outside and that isn’t looking so good.  I know I need to look past that/through that.  Whatever!  It’s where I am.  I really hate the lumps and bumps that weren’t there 6 months ago.  Gaining, losing, gaining, losing, gaining.  The weight comes back in ugly places.  Ugh!

My sweet cousin started a challenge for her dance group.  I crashed it.  It started last week and I blew it off…completely!  What a way to start a challenge.  I tried and failed again?!  No!  I celebrated my birthday!  Serious celebrations!  and then I picked up my booty and got busy this week.  I’m drinking a tub full of water a day and I  have only had 2 DC’s/day.  That’s huge for me!  I have exercised 2 days in a row for at least 30 minutes.  I have a pedometer and I’m even counting my steps – more than 10,000 today.  I have a vision board full of motivational things that I’ve posted all over and I’m speaking them out loud to myself every morning, telling myself what I want to become in the present tense as if I’m already there.  I am keeping a food diary (love myfitnesspal) and would love an accountability friend on it.  I have learned that it doesn’t show weight #’s, only weight lost.  It doesn’t show the food I ate, only if I posted for the day, so I’m not going to see any of yours either.  What do you say?

Maybe a few months late, but I’m back in the game…Are you ready to brush off all the negatives with me?  I’ve got a deep well full of them, but one by one I’m conquering them, and finding me again. If you can’t find me, check the nearest bathroom.  I live there now!drink-more-water-quote


Two steps forward

Oh I love this time of year.  As I write, my house is in transition and a bit of disarray.  It is the transition of normal every day to Christmas beautiful.  Almost everything comes down and Christmas cheer goes up.  Quite a transition.  I wonder every year if it is worth it, and when it’s all done, I decide it definitely is.

It got me thinking…about me.  I’m in a period of transition.  I’m in a bit of disarray but as I continue, I find I am more and more pleased with what I see.  It’s taking a lot of work, but is rewarding when I put in the hard work…sometimes it’s really hard!  My pj’s are all getting loose on me, as are my jeans.  I even fit myself into my size 12’s…easily.  Rewarding!

This morning I weighed in at 162.2, down a few and losing inches.  This is the motivation I need to get me through this time of year.  I’m not missing out, I’m using constraint and having a taste.  I’m bookending.  If I know I’m going out for an event, I minimize my calories earlier and after for a day or two.  I always have a protein shake in the morning – healthy fast food with minimal calories.  I’ve kept tempting food out of the house.  Our leftover from Thanksgiving pies went to hubby’s work to share with co-workers, and out of my house!  I’m doing this!

Merry Christmas blessings to you all.

Here’s a few great tips from


Does the holiday eating frenzy have you singing the blues instead of “it’s the most wonderful time of the year?” You can enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds.

First of all, have reasonable expectations. It would be very difficult to lose weight during the holiday season, so instead, aim to maintain your weight. But don’t be fooled – this doesn’t mean to eat whatever you want for the next month! Follow these three tips to help you start January at the same weight you are right now.

  1. At parties, survey the entire spread first. Take small portions of your favorite dishes, and skip the ones you can live without. Bulk up your plate with vegetables and fruits if you’re still hungry. Remember, the holiday season is about celebrating and enjoying good times with family and friends. It’s okay to enjoy your favorite holiday dishes, just choose small portions and take the time to savor each bite.
  2. Balance out the heavy holiday meals with healthy ones. Don’t let one Christmas party indulgence derail your intentions to eat healthy overall. If you overeat at one meal, go light on the next one. Try lightening up your everyday breakfasts and lunches during this season to help compensate for extra calories.
  3. Amp up your exercise. If you’re already a regular exerciser, increase your workout time and intensity to help offset extra calorie intake. Adding just one extra mile to your morning run will only take about 10 minutes and will torch an extra 100 calories! If you don’t typically exercise, try adding extra physical activity into your daily routine. While out doing holiday shopping, park at the farthest parking spot, and take an extra lap around the mall before you get started. Plan family activities that get everyone moving. Instead of riding around the neighborhood in your car to check out the Christmas lights, bundle everyone up and head out on foot. The calories you burn will just be an added bonus compared to the fun you’ll enjoy together.

If you’re looking for a healthy holiday menu for your next celebration, check out our eMeals Clean Eating Holiday Menu. Our Healthy Lunch Plan is also available to help you stay on track during the noontime hour.

Thanksgiving (and desert) Bloat

It’s always the same…you see tons of disappointing reports on weight after Thanksgiving.  It’s part of the tradition, maybe?  I want to encourage those of you who didn’t like the aftermath of Thanksgiving to dig in again…just not into a plate of leftovers.  I am, unfortunately, right there with ‘everyone’.  I not only had a fantastic table of delicious food to gobble up on Thanksgiving but we took leftovers to the desert and I enjoyed several more delicious platefuls.  My scale is telling on me.  I am up to 165.2.   I like facing reality and then dealing with it head on, so I’m reworking my routine back to normal.  Getting to the gym last week didn’t happen with the very few days I had to prepare my house for a Thanksgiving gathering right after the cruise AND my son’s swim practice was cancelled while they work on the pool…double whammy of excuses.  This week I have none, so it’s back to the grind, back to putting in the time and work and watching what I put into my mouth.  Even little bites or special drinks make a difference.

It’s time to get rid of all that good food anyway.  Remember, when in doubt, throw it out!    Turkey Tip Tuesday found online…

I am one that needs a goal to work for.  I find it really helps me.  I think twice, or however many times it takes for me to get past a bad choice.  My hubby’s work is having a party in Feb.  Sounds like a fancy dress up type thing.  I never get to get all dolled up so I looked forward to the yearly Christmas parties they had  until the economy caused them to call them quits several years ago. Well, they are back…at least this year…in Feb.  I have a couple of months to slash the number on my scale.  Motivation!  I definitely need that during this time of year.

Chasing Summer

We’ve seriously been chasing summer.  My man and I just got back from a 7 night cruise in the Caribbean.  Jamaican sun, Grand Cayman snorkeling, Cozumel Mayan ruins, and a stop by a hurricane torn Bahama Island.  Have you any idea how impossible it is to be good on a cruise that long?!  I would like to say I was, but no, I wasn’t.  We had some seriously amazing fun and we ate too much tasty food so you can imagine my reluctance to get on the scale today.

3 pounds!  Surprise!  I can handle 3 pounds!

I took my break, now it’s time to do get back to it.  It’s been an adjustment to get used to placing my own napkin on my lap, and I miss the eggs benedict and chocolate croissant I had in the morning on the ship…but my regular protein shake today tasted like home…and good choices…and I’m glad to be working towards seeing the numbers drop back down and keep on’a droppin’.  Ya mon!

Happy Halloween Tricks to help you with the Treats

First I’ll punch in my update:  I’ve found a new status quo.  It’s 10 pounds lighter than my last one but I seem to be a little stuck around 165.  I’m still running, in fact, I’m participating in the COLOR RUN this weekend!  It’s not a fast race but a fun one.  I thought the idea of physical activity with friends in a fun environment sounded like a great addition to this time of year. I’m signed up for the Turkey Trot in my local area.  If you’re local too, we’re team Cold Turkey – JOIN US!  So, I’m staying positive & enjoying my run endurance lengthening during my 30 work out runs. Making this thing happen!

During this time of year, I love all the pumpkin treats.  I found a replacement for me.  I use a vanilla protein shake base, add a heaping tablespoon of pureed pumpkin, add some pumpkin pie spices, half a banana, and some ice.  I VitaMix it up and it’s a tasty holiday treat for me.  You can leave the pumpkin out and just put the spices in, also tasty!  Thought I’d share…

So, Halloween!

I was reading an article from (want to give them all the credit!) and thought it was a perfect one to share here.  Thanks to them for some useful TRICKS and better TREAT options.  Happy Halloween.  Of course it’s still not too late to join me in a Candy Free October and November…and likely December too!  

Perhaps you have meandered into Target or your local grocery story lately and noticed the enormous amounts of tantalizing treats throughout the store. Maybe you even felt tempted to buy some, because you’ll pass the candy out to all of the neighborhood kids. But, if you buy the candy days or weeks before Halloween, you’ll have the desire to eat the candy.

Here are a few helpful tricks to avoid the treats.

Purchase Candy you Don’t Like

If you don’t pass out candy then the kids will probably be disappointed, and you don’t want that. Instead, pick up candy that you don’t like. If the candy doesn’t appeal to you, then you won’t eat it. It’s a win-win situation. You won’t snack on candy and the kids will be happy.

Pick Up Candy Last Minute

The day of Halloween is when candy is significantly marked down. You’ll save money on candy and you won’t have the lingering temptation around your house for weeks. Make sure you pass out all the candy by the end of the night. You don’t want to munch on any leftover sweets.

MoreHalloween Candy Deconstructed

Here are nine Halloween options to pass out:

  1. Three Musketeers Bars: These bars are considered the low-cal chocolate candy bar. They are bite-sized candy bars  that are 24 calories each and less than 1 gram of fat.
  2. Tootsie Caramel Apple Pops: Lollipops take a while to finish, so it keeps you from eating more treats. At 60 calories and .5 grams of fat, you can have the tangy caramel pop and be satisfied.
  3. Dum-Dum Lollipops: 0 grams of fat and only 20 calories.
  4. Rice Krispy Treats: For a healthier version, mix or substitute Rice Krispies for brown rice puffs. Use brown rice syrup instead of sugar.
  5. Mini Water Bottles: Parents and kids appreciate a sip of water while on the hunt for candy. Arrowhead and Kirkland make 4-ounce water bottles, perfect size to grab-and-go.
  6. Glow Bracelets: Glow bracelets, fake tattoos and stickers are great alternatives to candy and get the little kids excited.
  7. Dessert-Flavored Gum: Extra gum makes dessert-flavored gums such as Root Beer Float and Mint Chocolate Chip. They are heavenly and are only 5 calories per stick.
  8. Nabisco 100-Calorie Snack Packs: From cookies to pretzels, the little ghosts and goblins will love these snacks.
  9. Trail Mixes: Individually wrapped packages of nuts and trail mix bars are great alternatives to the Halloween candy. Not only are these healthier and lower in sugar, but they offer nutritional benefits as well.

10 Tricks and Treats

1. Pumpkins

Pumpkins are great for a lot more than making jack-o’-lanterns. One cup of mashed pumpkin has only 49 calories and is loaded with vitamin A in the form of beta-carotene. It also has nearly 3 grams of fiber and 564 milligrams of potassium. Pumpkin also contains vitamin C, lutein and zeaxanthin (good for eye health), as well as iron and zinc.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are loaded with manganese, magnesium, iron, copper, vitamin K, zinc and protein. One ounce has 158 calories, 8.57 grams of protein, 1.7 grams of fiber and almost 25 percent of the recommend daily value for iron. Pumpkin seeds also have plant sterols that can help reduce the risk of heart disease and fight cancer. They are also a fantastic source of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Wash them, dry, and then toast them with garlic and onion powder and a bit of salt and pepper. They take about 30 to 40 minutes at about 300 degrees to toast.

3. Know What You’re Eating

Hershey’s Fun Bar vs. Tootsie Rolls vs. Nestle Crunch: Each Hershey’s “Fun” bar has about 75 calories. A Nestle Crunch mini-bar has 60 calories, and just three Tootsie Roll Midgees have 70 calories. What about those Hershey’s Special Dark miniatures? They’re each 38 calories.

Pez vs. Smarties vs. Candy Corn: One (15-tablet) roll of Smarties has 25 calories and 25 grams of sugar. The candy corn has 150 calories for 20 pieces. That’s 7.5 calories each–about the same as one almond, except that the almond is a nutrition powerhouse. One roll of Pez has 35 calories and 9 grams of sugar. And remember that many of these candies contain dyes that have been associated with hyperactivity in kids.

Twizzlers vs. Peeps vs. Now and Later: Each Halloween-sized pack of Twizzlers has 140 calories- along with red dye number 40. For eight pumpkin Peeps (32 grams) the calorie cost is 110, with 26 grams of sugar (about 6.5 tablespoons). The Now and Later has 40 calories in each small bar.

Tootsie Roll Snack Bars vs. York Dark Chocolate Covered Peppermint Patties: There is some misperception out there that York Peppermint Patties are healthy, but I’m not sure why. Each 13.3-gram patty has 50 calories and 9 grams of sugar. Tootsie Roll Snack Bars are also 50 calories each.

Tootsie Pop vs. Charms Blow Pop (with Gum) vs. Dum Dums: That’s 60 calories for both the Blow Pop and the Tootsie Pop, and only 19.67 calories for the Dum Dum.

4. Burn it

When you go trick or treating, don’t just sit in your car and drive your kids from house to house. Get out there and walk the walk. Expect to burn about 176 calories per hour during a casual stroll.

5. Healthy Treats Exist

Healthy treats that taste good really do exist. For instance, Ghirardelli 60 Percent Cacao Dark Chocolate Squares (10.75 grams each) have 55 calories, but they also have at least 0.75 grams fiber, 0.5 grams protein and loads of antioxidants.

And then there are Snackimals ( made with organic grains. I also like Pumpkin Seed Cheddar Dr. Krackers (, which are made with organic whole-wheat flour. Eight crackers have 120 calories, 4 grams fiber and 6 grams protein. Along the same cracker lines there are also Mr. Krispers ( and Mary’s Gone Crackers – Original Seed Cracker ( )–for 13 crackers you get 140 calories, 3 grams fiber and 3 grams protein.

Popchips ( are also tasty, and you get about 22 popped potato chips for 120 calories, almost double the number of fried or baked chips you’d get for the same number of calories.
And what about those delicious Triple Chocolate Chunk VitaTops? They have only 100 calories each, along with 5 grams fiber and other nutrients. Another good choice would be Brothers-All-Natural Freeze-Dried Fruit Crisps (, which are nothing but freeze-dried fruit. An entire bag has only 39 calories. And last but certainly not least, Larabars mini-bars are lower in calories than other bars and are made with all-natural ingredients. They’re available in Whole Foods and Kroger Supermarkets nationwide. The suggested retail is $9.49 for 12.

6. Use the Research

According to research done at Yale University and reported in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior, children are just as likely to choose toys as candy on Halloween. For the study, seven households offered 284 trick or treaters between the ages of 3 and 14 a choice between comparably sized toys and candies. The results showed that the children were just as likely to choose the toys as the candy. How about these toys: pencils (go to for a way to make cute Halloween pencils), bubbles, play dough, Silly Putty.

7. Swap It Out

The kids are sorting through their take, and they’re loaded with candy or, in other words, junk. Obviously one day with candy is not so bad, but now you’re facing weeks of candy abuse. Why not offer to swap the candy for something bigger, maybe something the child has wanted for a long time? Sound far-fetched? Try it and you’ll be amazed. I’ve seen it work several times firsthand.

8. Don’t Go Too Far Out

Don’t buy Halloween candy too far in advance; that way you’ll have less time to eat it before you give it away!

9. Don’t Enjoy

Buy candy you don’t really like so that you’re not tempted to overindulge.

10. Fill Up

Eat! Make sure to fill yourself up with a nutritious lunch or dinner before trick or treating so that you’re less likely to dip into the candy bag.

Candy – Repost

I posted this last year, but think it’s a good one to repost…enjoy…and  stay away from that candy!!!!

5 Worst Halloween Candies (and 10 Best Survival Tips!)

A cocker spaniel weighs about 24 pounds. You know what else weighs 24 pounds? The heft of candy the average American gobbles down each year, a big chunk of that falling to our waistlines in the days before and after Halloween. Fun size? I don’t think so—unless it’s fun being size 16. These stats could very well turn you as white as a ghost:

  • Three miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups—the kind you find in office candy bowls and trick-or-treat-bags—fill your belly with more sugar than a glazed doughnut.
  • Half a pack of Skittles has more sugar than a scoop of Haagen-Dazs Cookies and Cream Ice Cream.
  • Nine Twizzlers carry as many calories as a Wendy’s Double Stack Burger.

These are some spooky treats. And Halloween is only the beginning of the eating season: Thanksgiving and Christmas are just around the corner. If you want to see your feet come January, start by conquering the sugar fest that’s nearly upon us. Here’s your plan for surviving the scariest night of the year for your waistline. (And speaking of frightful food, check out the Scariest Food Creations of 2010!)
Butterfinger Fun Sized BarWORST “FUN SIZE” CANDY BAR
Butterfinger Bar (fun size bar)
100 calories
4 g fat (2 g saturated)
10 g sugars

Again, fun for whom? Your cardiologist? By calling it “fun,” food marketers are cleverly pulling your attention away from the fact that candy bars are flab-inducing logs of concentrated fats and sugars. And Butterfinger is the worst offender—there’s no quicker way to swallow 100 calories.

Eat This, Instead!
3 Musketeers (fun size bar)
63 calories
2 g fat (1.5 g saturated)
10 g sugars

SURVIVAL TIP #1: Toss the candy bowl
Alabama researchers found that people who have snacks within reach when they’re watching TV consume more calories per day overall. But instead of simply relocating the bowl to another table, limit the potential for mindless munching by keeping the candy bagged and in the cupboard.

SURVIVAL TIP #2: Consume drinks before treats
Drinking 16 ounces of water before a meal fills the stomach, quells hunger, and helps you lose weight, according to a study presented at the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society. Use this strategy to help tamp your candy cravings. Just don’t substitute a sugary beverage for the water or this strategy will backfire: A can of soda has more sugar than two Hershey’s Take 5 bars. (Get more food shockers and instant weight loss tips by following me right here on Twitter, and check out these 20 Worst Drinks in America to learn what other beverages you should avoid.)

Brach’s Airheads (3 pieces)
140 calories
1.5 g fat (1 g saturated)
19 g sugars

Here’s the basic formula for an Airhead: Sugar and filler carbohydrates, artificial colors and flavors, and partially hydrogenated oils—a source of trans fat. Don’t get me wrong. It’s not like our Eat This Instead, Dum Dums, are nutritional paragons, but they do have two noteworthy advantages over Airheads: They have no heart-wrecking oils, and they’re hard candy. That means they dissolve slowly on your tongue, letting you enjoy the sweetness over time.

Eat This, Instead!
Spangler Dum Dum Pops (3 pops)
77 calories
0 g fat
105 g sugars

SURVIVAL TIP #3: Work out on Halloween morning

Lifting weights reduces levels of blood sugar by 15 percent for more than 12 hours after you’ve left the gym, according to research from Syracuse University. Why does that matter? Some of the sugar you consume will stay in your blood stream, providing energy to your cells, instead of pitching a tent in your belly. (For more strategies that will keep you thin and healthy for life, check out The Best Fitness Tips Ever!)

SURVIVAL TIP #4: Switch to dark chocolate
It won’t necessarily save you calories, but dark chocolate boasts a bevy of health benefits that milk chocolate can’t claim. Flavonoids in the cocoa help keep your arteries soft, decreasing your risk of cardiovascular disease. And according to new research, a compound called epicatechin might help prevent brain damage from stroke. Keep a bar on hand to nibble on any time you have a craving. Seek out those bars with at least 60% cocoa.
Twix Miniatures (3 pieces)
150 calories
8 g fat (6 g saturated)
15 g sugars

Twix has the worst saturated fat profile of any candy in your kid’s trick-or-treat bag. Think about it like this: Each one of these bite-sized candies carries 10 percent of the saturated fat you should consume in an entire day. Switch to Tootsie Rolls and you’ll cut your calories by more than half and trim your total fat intake by a whopping 81 percent.

Eat This Instead!
Tootsie Roll (3 pieces)
70 calories
1.5 g fat (0.5 g saturated)
9.5 g sugars

SURVIVAL TIP #5: Chew gum
Sort through any trick-or-treat bag and you’ll undoubtedly discover a handful of Super or Dubble Bubble—those small pink cubes wrapped in old-fashioned, end-twisted candy papers. Instead of plowing through the chocolates and taffies, throw a big gob of the gum in your mouth. The chewing suppresses cravings, and each piece has only about 15 calories.

SURVIVAL TIP #6: Don’t hand out your favorite candy
If your favorite candy is Milk Duds, and you’re handing out Milk Duds all night, doesn’t it seem likely that you’re going to wind up with a pound of chocolate and caramel in your stomach by night’s end? Of course! And that’s not even factoring in how many Duds you’ll plow through as they sit on the counter in the days leading up to Halloween. Choose something less tempting. And for tips to help you stay slim the other 364 days of the year, check out our 25 Best Nutrition Secrets.

Brach's Milk Maid CaramelsWORST CHEWY CANDY
Brach’s Milk Maid Caramels (4 pieces)
160 calories
4.5 g fat (3.5 g saturated)
16 g sugars

“Milk Maid” sounds a lot like “Milk Made,” doesn’t it? Very clever, Brach’s! This candy contains a couple milk derivatives (whey and “lipolyzed butter fat”), but it hardly constitutes a dairy product. Plus, 90 percent of the fat is saturated. That’s bad news for your heart. If you enjoy the challenge of fighting chewy candy out of your teeth, switch over to Now and Later and save more than 100 calories per serving.

Eat This, Instead!
Now and Later (4 pieces)
53 calories
0.5 g fat (0 g saturated)
10 g sugars

SURVIVAL TIP #7: Keep the candy-calorie load to 400
The fewer calories you take in during candy season, the better off you’ll be heading into turkey season. So if you worry that you risk overindulgence, set a caloric limit and hold yourself to it. Four hundred is a good number—indulgent yet not overly destructive. That means you could eat every “Eat This Instead” on our list, and have 65 calories left for one of your personal favorites.

SURVIVAL TIP #8: Don’t skip dinner
A healthy dinner will take the edge off your candy craving, not to mention temper the blood-sugar rush that converts your body into a flab factory and puts you at risk for diabetes. What you want is a meal rich with fiber and lean protein—think chicken breast with vegetables.

Reese’s Pumpkin
170 calories
10 g fat (3 g saturated)
16 g sugars

This one should send your gimmick radar into the red zone. It’s simply an oversized peanut butter cup shaped like a pumpkin. What price novelty? Nearly two-thirds more calories than a regular Reese’s peanut butter cup! Grab two bite-size Reese’s instead—you’ll save more than half the calories, fat, and sugar.

Eat This, Instead!
Reese’s Bite Size Peanut Butter Cups (2 pieces)
72 calories
4 g fat (3 g saturated)
6 g sugars

SURVIVAL TIP #9: Take it outside
The worst thing you can do on Halloween night, after most of the trick-or-treaters have cleared off the street, is set your candy bowl by the door where you can grab a handful every day on your way out. Noshing 300 extra candy calories a day will add a pound of flab to your frame in less than two weeks. Instead, set the bowl on the porch before you go to bed. The leftover candy will be gone by morning, guaranteed.

SURVIVAL TIP #10: Remember: Halloween is a one-day event
A study in the journal of Nature Neuroscience found that eating junk food doesn’t just satisfy cravings—it creates them. That’s right; junk food is addictive. Limit your sugar splurging to October 31. If you start a week early, you’re going to have a serious candy habit to break after Halloween. You might find it to be frightfully difficult.

Bonus Tip! The NEW edition of Eat This, Not That!, completely updated for 2011, is on sale now! Pick up your copy today, and you could lose 10, 20, or even 30 pounds without giving up the foods you love.

Hormonal, not hungry

I have a sign posted to remind me that I am hormonal…not hungry!!!  I seem to forget and find myself looking around in the kitchen for a snack.  It happens the few days before and a few days into my “cycle”.    Sometimes it is just an overwhelming loud beast I have a hard time ignoring.  That’s what I’m dealing with today.  Oh the cravings!  Mexican food.  My husband and I call it “dirty” food, because we feel “dirty” guilty after eating it.  That’s what I’m craving right now.  Down right dirty Mexican food!  I tried to appease my cravings last night with taco salad using ground chicken and it did the job ok, but later that night I failed the urge and had a tiny quesadilla.  It tasted so good, and yet, was it worth it?  Today I’m working on the same crazy cravings, maybe even multiplied in intensity.  I’m working on a chicken taco tonight, hoping to curb the beast within.  Time will tell.  I’m just saying, it’s a good thing I don’t have fresh salsa, because those tortilla chips in the cabinet would be GONE!

Does anyone else go through such maddening, almost uncontrollable cravings.  It’s seriously ridiculous when I think about it, yet in the midst of it, it’s all I can do to control myself.

Ah, well, I’ve stayed steady this week.  I weighed in at 166 even today.  It’s very slow going, but I think next week will show better (if I contain myself) since I won’t be holding in so much water…gotta love all the complexities of being a woman!

Another week with no candy.  Join in any time!  You’ll be glad you did!  

An ounce at a time

Movement!  That’s what I’ve been looking for.  I’m finally seeing some, albeit, one ounce at a time.  I’m still happy to report that this morning my scale smiled 165.8.  It’s a slow go, but at least those pounds are going.

Another milestone for me recently is my running.  I actually ran 21 of my 30 minutes at the gym.  Now hold your applause…I know many of you are runners.  I am not, so this is good stuff for me. I’m running in the Color Run in a few weeks – a 5K and then the Turkey Trot 5K on, well, Thanksgiving.  I’m hoping to run the whole race, so that’s my goal…as well as continuing my ounce by ounce dismissal of fat.

Haven’t had a drop of candy and we’re half way through October.  Holding strong.  How about you?  If you slipped, and munched on a goodie or two, don’t give up so fast.  Try again!   Remember your goal and I promise this will help you through some of the toughest months of the year.  

Call it what you will…I call if fabulous

I’m a happy girl!

I stepped on the scale this morning and was pleased with my number.  It smiled back at me with 167.6.  We’re heading in the right direction.  It’s been stagnant for so long, this is fantastic.  It’s not where I want to land, but movement in the right direction is so rewarding.

I’ve had to be careful on my physical movements lately because of my minor procedure on my back, but it’s not as bad as I prepared myself for, so today I plan to go to the gym to do some cardio and LB workout.

Even eating out a few nights this week, I was careful to make wiser decisions.  The molten lava cake with my friend was probably not a wise decisions, but the 2-3 small bites and done was.  Splitting meals with her, and with my hubby on yesterday’s outing has worked.  I can’t do that all the time, but I can also not indulge in every whim because we’re eating out and don’t I deserve to enjoy my meal.  Chicken tacos with steamed veggies as a side was actually very delicious.

So, making better choices is getting easier…and even though JP is still passing me up on the numbers, it is so helpful to have him beside me on this journey.

Hey!  Who wants to join me for a NO CANDY October and November?!  Did it last year and it was great.  There is a LOT of junk out there and if you already know the answer is NO, you don’t have to worry about how many you’ll allow yourself and then feel bad when you pass that up horribly.  See!  I’m helping you through such trama!  Join me!

Setbacks and Adjustments

When I have a plan, I really like to follow it through.  When something comes along and derails that plan, I notice I fall apart.

Last week I found out that I will need a minor surgery on my back to excise a mole that the biopsy ruled atypical.  It actually has quite a fancy name.  I won’t be able to do any exercises for a few days after the procedure on Thursday  and nothing with my back for 2 weeks when the stitches will be removed.  Then it’s a wait and see when I can get back to it.

So, you know what I did last week?  Nothing.  No exercises anyway…except the 2-3 pull-ups my son has me do every day.  I did nothing.  Pathetic really.  I could have really pushed myself on my upper body last week and at least I’d have done something to help while I wait.

On a positive note, I DID eat well.  I even lost weight…the same weight I keep taking off and putting back on, but at least it’s gone again.  I officially weighed in at 170.2 today.

So my new plan is to see if I can treadmill on Friday…and go from there.  I will keep eating right, and hopefully I will continue to see my weight drop.

My husband has joined me on my diet and has already lost more than 5 pounds.  I am so glad for him, really I am, but at the same time it is so discouraging.  I am so jealous of how easy it comes off him.  So, I’m also going to work on focusing on my progress and not comparing…harder than it sounds for me.

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