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Therapeutic New Year

I have been anticipating a week when I will have enough time to go to the gym, to plan our family meals, and when my kids stop needing me to mediate/entertain/prepare food for them. First it was going to be in the weeks between my semester and when the kids got out of school. Then it got pushed back to being the week after Christmas…the week of New Years…when my step-dad gets out of the hospital….when my youngest graduates college and we win the lottery.

Yesterday I took matters into my own hands.

I woke up my teenage daughter, put her in charge of the early bird 6 year old, donned my workout clothes, decided the world could wait an hour for me, and went to the gym for spin class. A setback or two later and I got to class when it was half over. I worked hard and stayed an extra 10 minutes after the class was over to make up for being late. I walked out of that room, toward the front door of the gym, out into the cold sunshine and to my car feeling relief. Stress had melted away. Guilt for not going to the gym was no longer valid. I was motivated to eat better so as not to have wasted my sweat. It was totally worth neglecting my family and finding the kids had made a mess in the kitchen with their “breakfast”. Exercise therapy.

This week…this year I will not be waiting for my to do list to be checked off, for the laundry to be finished, or for my kids to not need me (that might not ever happen – I’m pretty awesome). Instead, I will put me first…at least a few times a week. Life happens. My only goal/resolution for 2013: Stop waiting for the situation to be perfect and give myself some priority.

Wish me luck!



I am not a golfer but I love the concept (and the name) of getting a do-over. I have not failed in my attempts. I have let other challenges take priority so I stalled. But here I am again ready to get back on track. I will start from where I am.


2012-12-28 weigh in

Last week I posted about drinking water and I have been. *pat myself on the back* One of my friend’s pointed out that when the weather is (California) chilly it takes more of an effort to remember to drink enough water. I made the effort and it paid off. I was peeing every 30 minutes during our family party, but it paid off.

This week I am taking some time to stragtegize. I want to set some goals for myself along with some rewards. I am going to plan specifics on how/when I will get my exercise. I wish I could say I am going to do some meal planning, but, being honest here, we will see.

There are still a few Christmas goodies hanging around. I’m avoiding them. I won’t be indulging in ice cream like I have this past week. My husband is taking me out to look for a bike today. I haven’t owned one in ages, but I am excited at the possibility.

Wish me luck.


Two steps forward

Oh I love this time of year.  As I write, my house is in transition and a bit of disarray.  It is the transition of normal every day to Christmas beautiful.  Almost everything comes down and Christmas cheer goes up.  Quite a transition.  I wonder every year if it is worth it, and when it’s all done, I decide it definitely is.

It got me thinking…about me.  I’m in a period of transition.  I’m in a bit of disarray but as I continue, I find I am more and more pleased with what I see.  It’s taking a lot of work, but is rewarding when I put in the hard work…sometimes it’s really hard!  My pj’s are all getting loose on me, as are my jeans.  I even fit myself into my size 12’s…easily.  Rewarding!

This morning I weighed in at 162.2, down a few and losing inches.  This is the motivation I need to get me through this time of year.  I’m not missing out, I’m using constraint and having a taste.  I’m bookending.  If I know I’m going out for an event, I minimize my calories earlier and after for a day or two.  I always have a protein shake in the morning – healthy fast food with minimal calories.  I’ve kept tempting food out of the house.  Our leftover from Thanksgiving pies went to hubby’s work to share with co-workers, and out of my house!  I’m doing this!

Merry Christmas blessings to you all.

Here’s a few great tips from


Does the holiday eating frenzy have you singing the blues instead of “it’s the most wonderful time of the year?” You can enjoy the holidays without packing on the pounds.

First of all, have reasonable expectations. It would be very difficult to lose weight during the holiday season, so instead, aim to maintain your weight. But don’t be fooled – this doesn’t mean to eat whatever you want for the next month! Follow these three tips to help you start January at the same weight you are right now.

  1. At parties, survey the entire spread first. Take small portions of your favorite dishes, and skip the ones you can live without. Bulk up your plate with vegetables and fruits if you’re still hungry. Remember, the holiday season is about celebrating and enjoying good times with family and friends. It’s okay to enjoy your favorite holiday dishes, just choose small portions and take the time to savor each bite.
  2. Balance out the heavy holiday meals with healthy ones. Don’t let one Christmas party indulgence derail your intentions to eat healthy overall. If you overeat at one meal, go light on the next one. Try lightening up your everyday breakfasts and lunches during this season to help compensate for extra calories.
  3. Amp up your exercise. If you’re already a regular exerciser, increase your workout time and intensity to help offset extra calorie intake. Adding just one extra mile to your morning run will only take about 10 minutes and will torch an extra 100 calories! If you don’t typically exercise, try adding extra physical activity into your daily routine. While out doing holiday shopping, park at the farthest parking spot, and take an extra lap around the mall before you get started. Plan family activities that get everyone moving. Instead of riding around the neighborhood in your car to check out the Christmas lights, bundle everyone up and head out on foot. The calories you burn will just be an added bonus compared to the fun you’ll enjoy together.

If you’re looking for a healthy holiday menu for your next celebration, check out our eMeals Clean Eating Holiday Menu. Our Healthy Lunch Plan is also available to help you stay on track during the noontime hour.

“Healthy” is Not a Bad Word

My mid-week decision to stop eating sugar seems to have made all the difference. I did pretty well this week! The day after my no sugar decision I came home from grocery shopping with some of my favorite healthy eats…

Being prepared with healthy foods I enjoy makes a big difference. The past few days I have also done well at not making exceptions to my no sugar rule, exceptions like “…but I’m at Disneyland” or “…it’s late and I haven’t eaten yet” or “…but I organized this ice cream social” or “…hey look, there’s a delicious cookie within reach”. The other thing that helped was my friend, Heather. She volunteered to keep me accountable and I’ve been reporting in to her (and she to me for that matter). Knowing that someone is paying attention to my sugar intakes ensures that I pay more attention to what I’m eating.

I ate better this week and did good at skipping treats, but my workouts…not so great. For several reasons I didn’t get to a spin/cycling class and I haven’t gone to Mandy’s Friday workout in too long. I went ten days between my last 2 workouts. Yesterday at Mandy’s class was so much more difficult than usual…and I think she may have been going easy on us! I was prepared to step on the scale (a day late) and be disappointed again because of my lack of exercise these past 2 weeks. Instead I was pleased….

I lost FOUR POUNDS this week!!!

The morale of my story this week is: It matters what you eat! Sometimes I think we (well, I) pretend that as long as I/we exercise then we’re doing fine. My month or so of gaining weight shows that is not the case. It’s the basic principle of calories in versus calories out. Simple as that. Miserable as that.

My semester starts on Monday and my boys go back to school, too. I’m already trying to plan out my workouts and packing lunches. Stupid planning. Losing weight is so much more work than gaining weight, but I suppose if it was easy there’d be a lot less fat people. I’m working on decreasing the number of fat people by one.

Wish me luck!

What’s the real reason?

I downloaded a free Kindle book this week not really thinking I would read it, but hey, free is FREE and I needed something new to read on the eliptical! (I haven’t managed to learn to read while running yet LOL) It’s a weight loss book. I have read a lot of diet books. A LOT! You hope maybe this one will have the magic formula. Maybe this one will make it click. Maybe! To my surprise it was not a diet book, but deals with the mental side of losing weight. What our hang-ups are to losing weight that keep us on that roller coaster of a ride with the scale. There is a good exercise in the begining that I thought I would share this week.

Why do you want to lose weight? Seems like an easy answer doesn’t it? But what is the true reason? The one that is deep down inside? The one that will keep you going when all else fails that will help you achieve your goal? Sometimes we try to lose weight for the wrong or should I say the superficial reasons.

When you are faced with that piece of cake, bag of chips, package of cookies or carton of ice cream, what is going to keep you from eating it? We all get tired, depressed, bored and hungry and what is going to compell you to stick to the program? When those items are screaming your name and every fiber of your being is trying to sway you to give in, is your reason strong enough to prevent you from caving in?

Often it is not. The candy bar or cookies or whatever, are stronger than the idea of looking good for an event or fitting into an outfit. They are right there in front of you, in plain sight and all of your goals, the reunion, the outfit- whatever it is for you- is in the background by comparison. That’s not to say you won’t ever be able to say no, it just not a switch to just turn off.

If you haven’t already realized your true purpose for losing the weight, you should find it. Stop and get clear on why you are doing this.

I want to live a long and healthy life with my husband. I want to travel and not feel restricted in what I can do. I want to go to an amusement park with my kids and not panic at the weight limits or if I can fit in the seats. I want to look in a mirror and be proud of what I see. I could go on, but how about you? Is it something deeper than a New Year’s resolution, that will keep you going to reach your purpose so that the lure of the cake won’t even come close.

The exersice of the “5 Whys” is to ask a question 5 times, at least. You may even need to go deeper than 5 to get to the route of why you are trying to lose weight. Really listen to that inner voice.

Why do I want (or need) to lose weight?

So I can feel better about myself.

Why do I need to feel better about myself?

Because my weight hurts my self confidence.

Why do I need to increase my confidence?

So I am willing and able and not afraid to do all the things my husband and kids would like me to do with them.

Why am I afraid to do the activities with my family?

Because I know I won’t have the energy to keep up or to to it correctly, fit in the seat, or I’ll be laughed at for even trying.

Why do I want to have more energy? Why do I want to lose weight?

I want to be an active participant in my own life and not a spectator.

When you know your true reasons, write them down and look at them as often. When you are faced with a temptation, count backward from 100 and think of those reasons. By the time you get to 1 that ice cream will look less appealing. When you don’t really want to hit the gym, read your reasons again.

We can do this and when we know why  we have much more motivation to endure the struggle and reach our goals!

Exerpts from Weight Loss Made Simple by Rodrick Armstrong

I haven’t met you, but I appreciate you all and cheer for you everyday!

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