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I have been disgusted frustrated with my feelings about this blog.  I know this is a place of support and encouragement, but I have been embarrassed at how horrible I’ve been lately, so I fell into a familiar “ignore it and it will go away” mode that is a complete lie.  I’m tired of lying to myself and I didn’t see any good in coming here to spew ugliness.  But you’ve asked for it…I really hate the way I look right now.  I only see the outside and that isn’t looking so good.  I know I need to look past that/through that.  Whatever!  It’s where I am.  I really hate the lumps and bumps that weren’t there 6 months ago.  Gaining, losing, gaining, losing, gaining.  The weight comes back in ugly places.  Ugh!

My sweet cousin started a challenge for her dance group.  I crashed it.  It started last week and I blew it off…completely!  What a way to start a challenge.  I tried and failed again?!  No!  I celebrated my birthday!  Serious celebrations!  and then I picked up my booty and got busy this week.  I’m drinking a tub full of water a day and I  have only had 2 DC’s/day.  That’s huge for me!  I have exercised 2 days in a row for at least 30 minutes.  I have a pedometer and I’m even counting my steps – more than 10,000 today.  I have a vision board full of motivational things that I’ve posted all over and I’m speaking them out loud to myself every morning, telling myself what I want to become in the present tense as if I’m already there.  I am keeping a food diary (love myfitnesspal) and would love an accountability friend on it.  I have learned that it doesn’t show weight #’s, only weight lost.  It doesn’t show the food I ate, only if I posted for the day, so I’m not going to see any of yours either.  What do you say?

Maybe a few months late, but I’m back in the game…Are you ready to brush off all the negatives with me?  I’ve got a deep well full of them, but one by one I’m conquering them, and finding me again. If you can’t find me, check the nearest bathroom.  I live there now!drink-more-water-quote



I am not a golfer but I love the concept (and the name) of getting a do-over. I have not failed in my attempts. I have let other challenges take priority so I stalled. But here I am again ready to get back on track. I will start from where I am.


2012-12-28 weigh in

Last week I posted about drinking water and I have been. *pat myself on the back* One of my friend’s pointed out that when the weather is (California) chilly it takes more of an effort to remember to drink enough water. I made the effort and it paid off. I was peeing every 30 minutes during our family party, but it paid off.

This week I am taking some time to stragtegize. I want to set some goals for myself along with some rewards. I am going to plan specifics on how/when I will get my exercise. I wish I could say I am going to do some meal planning, but, being honest here, we will see.

There are still a few Christmas goodies hanging around. I’m avoiding them. I won’t be indulging in ice cream like I have this past week. My husband is taking me out to look for a bike today. I haven’t owned one in ages, but I am excited at the possibility.

Wish me luck.


happy hydrated holidays

I know I’ve been MIA the last month. Life just keeps happening and my fitness goals are taking a backseat. I will take the opportunity to renew my commitment with the new year. In the meantime, my one goal (and advice I would share) is to make sure I am drinking my 8 glasses of water each day. When I make sure I’m drinking water it helps my skin (which is dying from this crazy unusual California cold), my appetite (oh so many plates of hand delivered, homemade treats!), and keeps me away from those unhealthy beverages.

May your Christmas be merry, bright, and full of love!

One thing at a time

I’m happy to report I am mentally in a better place…I was such a mess the other day.

I succeeded in refraining from ALL candy during Easter, and plan to keep it out of my mouth until after I am 25 lbs lighter.  I don’t usually eat the stuff, but found I had added it to my “free” days.  Why?  It used to be a treat every now and then, why make it a weekly thing?  So, it’s gone from my “free” day options.  My free day treat was Angel Food cake and fresh strawberries.  It was a delicious treat!

This week I will be focusing on water.  I am seeing through bubbles right now, I’m so full of it.  I dread all the bathroom stops this will stir up, but it will also hopefully be the thing that keeps other things out of my mouth.  I have been very lenient with my water routine and found I didn’t get nearly enough in each day, and confess a few days I missed it entirely.   The candy was easy to fix…water will be different.  I know eventually I will love it again, but I’m not a fan usually..grabbing a DC instead.

I’m finally feeling a bit better so I’m also going to hit the gym.  I don’t plan on doing a strenuous cardio, but I’m going to get back in the routine of regular exercise.  After 2 weeks off, I know I’ll be feeling it!

Next week I will focus on another area that needs improvement…but for now, this will do.  Tackling it one at a time and getting it down.  One day, the scale will be my friend…not there yet.

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