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I shouldn’t have

I shouldn’t have neglected to post yesterday, but I did.

I shouldn’t have weighed in yesterday (just 3 days after surgery), but I did.

I shouldn’t have scheduled my minor surgery (if you’re really curious see the tags) for near the end of my semester, my kids school year, and in the middle of my step-dad’s health problems, but I did.

I shouldn’t have expected to recover from said surgery in 24 – 48 hours, but I did.

I shouldn’t have eaten that Cinnabon this morning, but….I did.

I shouldn’t be dwelling all of these things, but I am.

I will…

  • eat my vegetables
  • recognize my limitations
  • move my body, keeping in mind the above
  • not eat any more Cinnabons!
  • try not to dwell on woulda, coulda, shoulda

WIsh me luck.




Getting Dressed

Beside the fact that I haven’t had time to fold the laundry that I have washed and there are at least 5 loads yet to be done, my jeans are a little tight


I know they are well intended, but I have not been working toward my goals and my weight is creeping back up. How could I possibly “look great”? Which brings me to…

Weighing In

2012-11-30 weigh in

Speaks for itself

Feeling so lame


My Amazing Husband

When I mentioned that I hate getting dressed, his response was, “You don’t have to get dressed on my account.” No matter how I look he makes me feel like a blushing bride.


Especially the fun, seasonal things everyone brings out just for the holidays. Yet, last year I was pretty good at resisting. My willpower this year has been dictated by feeling lame.

My Gym

This week a new branch opened just a hop, skip, and a jump from my house. Fewer excuses!


I’m wiping my slate clean this morning and starting again. I will forgive myself for this lapse.  I am letting go of the past month (or so), eliminating excuses, and making time for me. It is a must.


I will not give in to the temptation of swedish fish (or any other candy), late night eating,  or distractions from the important. Planning will be my friend. Every opportunity to work out is a must, because YES, just this one workout will make a difference, Self! It is time to stop the pity party/looking for more time in the day lameness. It is time for discipline and to give myself what I really want for the long run by not giving in to the right now.

My friend (a fitness warrior) posted this and I am borrowing it as my inspiration


I can do faithful!

Been doing it for 17 years and counting with my Amazing Husband. If only fitness was as accomodating.

Wish me luck!


WARNING: This post contains the rantings of a woman spurned by a scale.

I exercised hard core this week. I not only met my goal of getting three workouts in and eating lunch every day instead of snacking but I did FOUR workouts. Not only did I participate in those four workouts but I pushed myself in every single one. I swam laps for an entire hour. I could barely catch my breath between songs during spin class. Mandy had us doing so many pushups that I lost count. And other than the two Krispy Kreme donuts -which were part of my motivation to push myself harder in my exercising – I ate really well. Not only that but I think I got plenty of sleep and I know I’ve been downing water like it’s going out of style.

So why? WHY? WHY? did the scale (stupid, dagnab scale) say this to me today:

This is 1 whole pound up from last week! Not only that but I just checked pictures in my archives and this exact weight has been rather popular lately. 3 of my last 5 weigh in results were exactly 228.6!

I was looking forward to getting on the scale today. I wanted to love the results of my hard work this week. I was hoping to shout out that I’d reached a new low weight since starting this blog.

I hate the scale.

And so help me if even one of you suggests that it’s muscle weight gain from all the work I’ve been doing you will be banished from the land of scalematters forever! (I may have been watching too many season 1 episodes of Once Upon a Time lately). All that muscle I’m gaining is supposed to be burning the fat away.

Clearly my body likes this particular weight.

I. Do. Not.

I can’t even say that I’m going to take drastic measures because I’m not sure which area of nutrition and exercise I need to fine tune. It feels so elusive. One thing I do (or don’t do) can make a huge difference on the scale, but what is the mysterious one thing…this week?

I’m going to pray about it.

Wish me luck.



I’m Practically Famous

Ok, so, that’s not really true. BUT last Friday I was minding my own at work and I got an email from a lady who had interviewed me for a magazine back in October but we were never really able to set a date for me to go do a photo shoot so I was under the impression that the article was on hold…. anyway, back to the email, the email basically was like, “so congrats your article was featured in the Spring issue of Scottsdale Living Magazine”. Pretty cool!! {you can read the article by going to and the article starts on page 6}. I have to admit, it is pretty cool… but I do want to make sure you all know that I don’t have “Cutting the FAT” tattooed on my back like the pic in the mag shows… and that’s not my back, I’m waaaay whiter than that! 😉

I know that I’ve been MIA for a while, and to be honest, I’m not even sure what I weighed last time I wrote. I have a pic of my weight on my phone from about 2 weeks ago and I’m up 2 lbs from that weight. But last Thursday I went to the dr {my obgyn} for a routine lab follow-up. Remember a few weeks ago he put me on thyroid meds? Well, this time I go back and I’m told my uric acid is crazy high and my vitamin d was low. Oh, and I have a polyp on my ovary.  We will now refer to this Dr as Dr. Doom. I love the man to pieces, but I don’t think I’ve had one appointment with him that he hasn’t told me something that was a tad depressing lol… he’s a little too thorough at times. So, Uric Acid basically tells your kidney function and high uric acid is a sign of Gout. Gout runs in my family {thank you, Dad for sharing!! love you!!} so I was given a pill for that and told to avoid red meat and any food that may taste good…ok, so he didn’t say that but he might as well have! Then the vitamin D he tells me the importance of women taking 5000 iu of Vitamin D daily to help fight breast cancer and the fact that mine was low was no good. So, a pill for that. And a plug to all you women– Take Vitamin D daily… the health benefits are worth the $6 you’ll spend on a good one! So the polyp… not that any of you care, but I get “wanded” ultra sounds every 2 weeks {don’t be jealous!} and this polyp has never been there. I even recognized it as being foreign… so Dr. Doom reassured me that “most” polyps aren’t cancerous. MOST?! Not good enough for me, Dr. Doom! All I heard was cancer and I started planning what I should be dressed in at my funeral! {Amy, please take note, I want a MAC make-up artist, but make sure she doesn’t go too crazy!!} Anyways, this was a lot of news to take in. And now I’m up to taking 4 pills a day since I started doubling my thyroid pill. I feel like a 90-year-old woman… or my husband. 😉

I have no idea where this post went. lol. Perhaps I shouldn’t miss a few weeks posting and then you won’t get Raw Autumn. Just be thankful the hubs is sitting next to me saying things like, “you can’t say that!!”

Alright, bloggers. Have a great week! I for one, am going to shoot for doing 1 work out in the next week. So lame, I know, but I am overwhelmed and need to do things in small increments! Oh, and trying not to binge eat at night… how do you control your night-time hunger?! Mine is out.of.con.trol.



What’s the real reason?

I downloaded a free Kindle book this week not really thinking I would read it, but hey, free is FREE and I needed something new to read on the eliptical! (I haven’t managed to learn to read while running yet LOL) It’s a weight loss book. I have read a lot of diet books. A LOT! You hope maybe this one will have the magic formula. Maybe this one will make it click. Maybe! To my surprise it was not a diet book, but deals with the mental side of losing weight. What our hang-ups are to losing weight that keep us on that roller coaster of a ride with the scale. There is a good exercise in the begining that I thought I would share this week.

Why do you want to lose weight? Seems like an easy answer doesn’t it? But what is the true reason? The one that is deep down inside? The one that will keep you going when all else fails that will help you achieve your goal? Sometimes we try to lose weight for the wrong or should I say the superficial reasons.

When you are faced with that piece of cake, bag of chips, package of cookies or carton of ice cream, what is going to keep you from eating it? We all get tired, depressed, bored and hungry and what is going to compell you to stick to the program? When those items are screaming your name and every fiber of your being is trying to sway you to give in, is your reason strong enough to prevent you from caving in?

Often it is not. The candy bar or cookies or whatever, are stronger than the idea of looking good for an event or fitting into an outfit. They are right there in front of you, in plain sight and all of your goals, the reunion, the outfit- whatever it is for you- is in the background by comparison. That’s not to say you won’t ever be able to say no, it just not a switch to just turn off.

If you haven’t already realized your true purpose for losing the weight, you should find it. Stop and get clear on why you are doing this.

I want to live a long and healthy life with my husband. I want to travel and not feel restricted in what I can do. I want to go to an amusement park with my kids and not panic at the weight limits or if I can fit in the seats. I want to look in a mirror and be proud of what I see. I could go on, but how about you? Is it something deeper than a New Year’s resolution, that will keep you going to reach your purpose so that the lure of the cake won’t even come close.

The exersice of the “5 Whys” is to ask a question 5 times, at least. You may even need to go deeper than 5 to get to the route of why you are trying to lose weight. Really listen to that inner voice.

Why do I want (or need) to lose weight?

So I can feel better about myself.

Why do I need to feel better about myself?

Because my weight hurts my self confidence.

Why do I need to increase my confidence?

So I am willing and able and not afraid to do all the things my husband and kids would like me to do with them.

Why am I afraid to do the activities with my family?

Because I know I won’t have the energy to keep up or to to it correctly, fit in the seat, or I’ll be laughed at for even trying.

Why do I want to have more energy? Why do I want to lose weight?

I want to be an active participant in my own life and not a spectator.

When you know your true reasons, write them down and look at them as often. When you are faced with a temptation, count backward from 100 and think of those reasons. By the time you get to 1 that ice cream will look less appealing. When you don’t really want to hit the gym, read your reasons again.

We can do this and when we know why  we have much more motivation to endure the struggle and reach our goals!

Exerpts from Weight Loss Made Simple by Rodrick Armstrong

I haven’t met you, but I appreciate you all and cheer for you everyday!

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