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7 Days…….

4 pounds sounded so much better that 7 days!!!

That is all I have left to make the cut for the quarter. Last post I had 2 weeks  to drop 4 pounds. Here we are with one week left and as of my weigh in on Wednesday, I have 5 FIVE pound to go!!!!!!!!! FIVE! 

Seriously?!?! Mr Scale you are going the wrong way.

It’s going to sound like a broken record along with the other posts this week, but I am right there with ya Miss AB. I got in 3 really good workouts. The kind where you ache after, for a day+ after! That’s 3 times as much as the week before. Yeah, ok so it isn’t hard to do when you only workout once, but it is major considering the schedule I have to work with.

I am in this quandary now. Not even a quandary more like my pattern. Why bother? I won’t make the deadline. Let’s eat out! Curly fries with cheese sauce? Yes, please! I could still do this. It’s possible. Another 30 minutes of cardio! Bedtime before midnight? Hah!! Three kids to three different rehearsals/practices at the same time? Fast Food for dinner? Okie Dokie!! Too tired to exercise?! Just skip it. It won’t matter anyway……….

Here we are. With 7 days to a deadline that could spiral me down. I wish I could just let it go and say, “It’s okay if I don’t make it to the next pay tier. No reason to let it ruin what I have already accomplished. Just keep working. The goal I have has no deadline. It is a lifelong change. Right?”

So why is that so hard to get through my head?

Here we go. New week. Just try to ignore the looming weigh-in deadline next Sunday!

I have 3 workouts worked into my schedule for this week. I hope for more. I withstood the Culver’s temptation on the way home from a long day and the yumminess that is cheese curds. Can I do it the rest of the week? Who knows, but I know I am not starting out well when it is 11:30pm and I’m still up and thinking nachos sound really good right now.


The courage to start…the strength to finish. I started, now………………..


Well ain’t that something….

It has been a looooooonnnnnngggggggg week. I am very tired!

I would have considered this a crappy week if it hadn’t been for two very cool things. Well, one cool and one ridiculous thing.

Labor day threw my schedule off. Gym wasn’t open and it is hard to plan to have a redo week when the first day doesn’t cooperate. I still thought I would work out at home. Go for a run outside. Walk the dog. I didn’t do any of it. All in all I had an awful week for exercise. I am going downhill fast and have to get things turned back around before I find myself back to where I started with my running shoes collecting dust.

It is so easy to let life get in the way and even if I find some time that I could work out, I am so worn out from taking kids to all their activities, cooking, cleaning, working etc. that I have very little desire to do anything but sit for just a minute and breathe. Why does Fall bring on such crazy schedules?

Tuesdays I spend in the next town for work and then rush home to get kids where they need to be. Since I have not mastered getting up at 5 to workout, I really have no hope of getting a workout in on that day. I was walking through the lobby to the cafe area to find a quiet table to think and just feeling all around like a slug when one of my coworkers came by and in passing said, “You’ve inspired me!” “What?” She said, “I am running. I am not fast at all, but I am running because of you.”

I have always wanted to be that lady on the cover of the magazines with the headline- Kris lost 123 lbs. You can too! I always have to peak in those magazines and see how they did it. Looking for inspiration, kind of hoping that they did it by finding some rare Amazonian rain forest plant that you bake into cookies and all you have to do is eat them. That never happens, but I do think if they can do it, why not me?

It was a very weird feeling that I got someone moving. Maybe the reflection I catch in the store windows isn’t as bad as I think if how my body is changing makes someone else want to know how/what I am doing. It is still surreal thinking about it now.

The other thing just makes me look like a dork. during my rare gym visit this past week a young man got on the treadmill next to me. He had tried to talk to me, I guess, but I had my headphones in and having been with my husband for 12 years and it being nearly a decade since being hit on, I thought nothing of it when I finished and he asked if I was leaving. While doing a circuit on the weight machines he popped up again. I thought he was waiting for the machine I was on. When he said something to me again, (headphones still in) I just assumed if he was asking if I was done.  Motioning to the machine, “Yeah, it’s all yours.” He just stood there and gave me a funny look. I went to the next machine and he went to the one I was just on and did one set and then wondered around a bit. On the third machine he tried talking to me again. Headphones still, I think he is asking how to adjust the machine. That’s happened before, granted they have been senior citizens who were asking, but still. Another weird look from him as I go on with my routine.

Now apparently there were two older ladies who had been watching this whole exchange. Older women who are really there to just gossip not really work. I call them the cluckers, hens in the yard. One of the ladies stops me and asks what I am doing?

I have not been able to take my rings off in a long time beacause of my weight and beacause of that my engagement ring is bent, caused by lifting wieghts while wearing it. I can take them off now and for the first time left it home and only wore my white gold, plain very skinny wedding band.

The hen tells me that they think the gentleman likes me and I have been flirting back all wrong! “Your young, you should talk to him.” I have been completely clueless! I point out that I am married to which the friend tells me I need a bigger ring. LOL! That gave my hubby a chuckle when I texted him that observation later.

He tried to talk to me again, even got a cheesy pick up line! Asked if I needed a spot. I told him it was sweet but I’m taken to which he said he wouldn’t let me go to the gym alone if he were my man. Do guys really say stuff like that and have it work? The hens just laughed at me as I walked by.

My husband just laughed as well. I had no idea what was going on! No wonder he gave me such queer looks!

Okay, it did give me a little boost in confidence…………

My week is going to have no relief in busyness as we now add flag football practice for my 4-year-old.

Gym. Me. Morning. Priority!!!

Good luck everybody!


I smell like campfire and look like an alien

This afternoon I came home from five days of camping with the junior high & high school age girls from my church…178 of them. We call it “Girls Camp”. I’ve been privileged enough to be on the committee which organizes and runs it in my local area for the last four years. It might be my favorite week of the year. Today might also be the most tired I’ve been all year, too.


A few years ago when we were camping we started calling Red Vines “breakfast”. I don’t know about your camping trips, but ours usually include lots of Red Vines and a variety of candy and junk that’s easy to pop in your mouth. Calories on vacation don’t count, right?





I decided before I went to camp that I was going to avoid all the candy. I am doing that in my regular everyday life, so I should do that at camp! It was much easier than I expected. We had an amazing volunteer organize the food, so I never felt like I was left unsatisfied. Up until last night (when the tired started to sink in) I had no problem ignoring the candy or walking away if I felt like I couldn’t.


I had willpower!



Then last night I gave in to a handful (or three) of peanut M&Ms and some Red Vines. They were not nearly as good as I had expected. I actually had to go find something to get the waxy licorice taste out of my mouth.


How weird is that? How wonderful is that?!


Now I’m sitting here with a green mask on my face before I shower to get all the yuck out of my pores and trying not to fall asleep. I won’t weigh in until this Friday. Several friends want to work out together this week, so I’m going to try Zumba and a spin class (Heaven help me). But for now I’m going to wash the alien off my face and the smokey scent out of my hair then spend some quality time with my mattress.


Wish me luck.

Honest AB

I gained half a pound.

I was feeling so confident! I got 3 and a half workouts in. I felt like I looked better in my clothes. I pulled out a pair of pants from the dark recesses of the closet and remembered why I liked them before I had banished them for being tight. However, the outcome of my weigh-in was NOT what I anticipated.

So I thought I would measure. I hadn’t done that since February. I was sure it would show results that the scale did not. That I would be buoyed up when I saw those inches coming off.

Except I didn’t.

Instead of inches coming off I found that I had increased overall by about 3 inches since February. Talk about discouragement!!! Then I pulled classic AB out of my hat and started to justify what I was seeing, give it an outside cause, but after a few minutes I remembered my one blog rule: Be honest. I needed to begin with being honest to myself.

This past week I repeatedly justified eating unhealthy snack and treats. REPEATEDLY! Frequently this week as I was eating a cookie (or ice cream or straight up chocolate chips) I wondered what happened to the AB of last September/October. She could turn down treats. She could avoid the kitchen when she was tired. She had determination.  Where did that come from. It must still be inside me! I just need to find that AB again. I’m going to spend time this weekend looking at my earlier blog posts, reading my personal journal, and praying. Maybe by next Friday I will find the AB who can stand in a circle of friends and watch while they eat pretty cupcakes. Maybe then I can hold my head up high, because right now I’m feeling a little ashamed of myself. I don’t want to lie to anyone, especially not me. Yet I seem to continually set myself up for failure.

Well! Failure is not an option this time around. I’m confronting this nasty bad habit head on….tomorrow. Because tonight I’m falling asleep at the desk.

Wish me luck!

I got nuthin’

It is a running joke in my house. My son was telling us about his day and he replied, “I got nuthin'”. So, sad as it seems my weightloss blogging compadres…”I got nuthin!” I have had a crazy sick-child infested week, and I am totally burnt out. We are all entitled to “those days” and I am calling mine in.

I will be back next week..same time, same place..with a better attitude and outlook. For now, I will go with one of my favorite quotes from a  Disney movie…

                                                            “Giving up is for rookies!!”


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