I’m AB and yes, those freakishly long toes above belong to me. You may be thinking, “Why is the long-toed freak starting a blog  about scales?” Good question. Except this will be a blog more about our experience with scale…and with scales. All of us are trying to lose weight. We all have different figure types, different starting weights, different goals and methods for trying to lose weight. You get different perspectives on this popular battle and we get to support each other!

The only rule we have is: Be Honest (like the Boy Scouts). You can expect the good, the bad, the ugly (you know there will be ugly), the uplifting, the depressing, the fear, the failure, the triumphs….all of it!

So welcome! We hope you’ll keep us accountable. We hope you can relate, learn or even be inspired. Heck! We just hope you’ll  come back.

  1. I am excited to read about the journey and maybe even join you on this journey! I cannot wait to hear the stories- all of them. I am a good friend of your sister Tressa- LOVE her dearly!

  2. omg that is so funny! I have hilarious long toes too! What shoe size do you wear? I’m a 10 but if I had normal toes I’d be a 9 probably. lol.

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