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Non-scale Victory

My friend Andreanna has been an inspiration to me this year. She has made an amazing transformation with her lifestyle that has translated into a beautiful new her inside and out. I enjoy seeing her Instagram posts because they are always upbeat and encouraging. Plus, she has a good handle on hashtags that I enjoy. My favorite that I’ve learned from her is #nsv (non-scale victory) which is one I’ve been trying to use more in my goal setting and measurement of progress.

It’s not always about what the scale reports.

For example, this week I scaled down to a smaller size of jeans (if you follow me on social media you already knew that). That was huge…er…a huge victory. It was also kinda spontaneous.

We had a few cold days by Southern California standards so I’d worn my favorite jeans probably more times than I should without washing them. I pulled out my other, less favorable pair to wear as I ran errands with my boys and was annoyed as I put them on. The jeans were baggy, slipping down, and made me self conscious. As we walked into Walmart I decided I could fit a cheap pair of jeans in my budget to boost my mood. The two sizes smaller made me so happy!

Smaller pants aren’t the only non-scale victory this week though. I’ll list a few:
* I resisted Sandra’s sticky buns after Thanksgiving …because once I start eating them I seem to lose all willpower.
* I did a full hour spin class Thanksgiving morning.
* I went two weeks without weighing in because I felt good and that’s what mattered.
* I have been better at stopping when I’m full even if there is delicious food left on my plate. (Now I need to learn to dish up only what I can/should eat!)

I am grateful for all the kind words, encouragement and compliments I’ve received. It definitely boosts my mood and motivates me to keep going. In all the years I’ve been trying to shed this weight, this is the first time that I feel like it’s truly possible. I still have some doubts and weaknesses to overcome but I know I’m on the right track!

This is the worst time of year for trying to lose weight. There is so much temptation around: skip the exercise and count shopping, the only time of year I can get my favorite hot cocoa, desserts are everywhere! But I’ve made a bold weight loss goal to meet in the next month anyway. I don’t want to be wearing these new jeans for very long.

Wish me luck… And fortitude.


Mini Snickers are of the Devil

Halloween was a challenge! I kept planning not to eat candy but I wasn’t very good at listening to myself. To be fair I didn’t go crazy and binge. I just didn’t NOT eat any. (Don’t ya love a good double negative?)

Yesterday, while reviewing my goal board on my SparkPeople app I found my best reason to avoid those dang mini Snickers and tiny bags of peanut M&Ms: lowering my A1C (I have no idea what that stands for but it’s a measurement of your average blood sugar for 3 months). Last visit my doc upped my oral Diabetes medicine because of my score. My next visit is in December. I’m taking the increased dosage, working out more, and trying to eat better but I need to be more strict on my carb/sugar intake.

Sometimes I forget that Diabetes is a disease and pretend it’s no big deal. Spending time with my dad, who has not taken care of himself over the years and is now paying the consequences, reminds me that I can’t ignore it. For me, avoiding too much sugar is more than a weight loss tool, it’s imperative for my health.


Let’s move on to less weighty matters. (I crack myself up)

Another pound and a half down!

If you follow me on social media you’ve already seen this but I can’t look at it enough. I almost don’t believe the change. It isn’t a huge change but it’s significant! I wasn’t expecting that.

This week I’m going to be more conscious of my diabetes as I eat. It’s harder than it sounds.

Wish me luck!

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