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Just the facts maam

Weight- 221.2

Workouts- 3

Nutrition- Eh

23 weeks until Big Dog Brag Mud Run

10 weeks until Half Marathon Run to the Shrine

9 weeks until Glow Run 5k

I better get my butt in gear!

“Tears will get you sympathy. Sweat will get you results!”




Don’t let it creep up on you again

The title of this entry is a note to myself. When I started this blog I was devoted. I was not eating sugar/candy/cake/treats. Soda? Rarely. Healthy snacks and gum were my weapons against cravings for all those things I was skipping out on. I was working out at least 3 times per week and I was dropping the lbs in a nice steady manner. Since that first 4 months I gained back 10 of the 15 pounds I lost. How did that happen?!

Here a little and there a little.

“They make the best root beer here. I have earned a night of drinking soda!”

“I have to sample these treats before we deliver them. It’s a new recipe!”

“This is the only chance I have to taste this particular delicious looking dessert.”

“Gah. My kids need me. I don’t have time to go to the gym.”

“Tomorrow will be a better day for getting my workout in.”

You get the idea. Slowly, all those good habits I was building justified themselves right out of existence. The only thing I have been consistent about for the past year is working out, but even then it was only twice a week at the most.

Overcoming my own short comings is the biggest challenge in losing the weight.

I had been avoiding a real weigh in, but on Feb 1st I weighed in, not out of habit, but because I knew I needed a reality check.

2013-02-01 weigh in

More than 2 months since I stepped on the scale and my weight was still in the range of Yuck. I had to be realistic. At best what I was doing was not helping me lose the pounds. My knee had started being sore. My cute jeans were more tight than comfortable. I was tired way more often. I started to blame my clothes for the way they looked on me. Between the scale reading and the way I was feeling, I knew I had to stop making excuses.

So for the next 2 weeks I indulged in nearly everything. The week of Valentine’s Day I did not work out once. I ate everything I felt like eating. I wasn’t trying to lose weight. I just was. Last Friday I had my last lazy day. I went to the store with my husband to get, among other things, ice cream. He asked, “Are you sure you want to get a pint to yourself?” (He is a sweet, subtle man who knows how to talk to me without becoming the target for my anger)

“It’s my last one. After tonight I am not going to indulge myself any more.” Was I justifying? Did I mean it? Honestly, I was not sure. Saturday I woke up resolved. I stepped on the scale again.

2013-02-16 weigh in

That doesn’t even make sense. Does it? I ate like a pig, didn’t work out and lost 2 lbs. But maybe that was fuel for my fire. Imagine what the scale might have read if I had tried that week?! I was ready to go. Then a dessert that I enjoy appeared. I had to decide right then and there if I was going to stick with my plan to avoid treats. Could I?! I managed to walk away but didn’t stop thinking about it.

My weakness is late at night after the kids go to bed, so I concentrated on that battle. If I needed a snack that time of night it was going to be roasted almonds or string cheese or something with protein. It doesn’t make late night snacking as fun, but it was effective. After I eat them I always regret eating desserts late at night. The next temptation in my path was a little easier. Each day I have a little more strength and a little more motivation to eat right.

Monday was President’s Day and I took advantage of not getting any kids ready for anything and went to the gym! I don’t know why but Mondays and Tuesdays are the hardest days for me to figure out how to get a workout in. I’ve managed three workouts this week and I hope to find some active thing to do with my family tomorrow afternoon. If I can plan ahead for then when & where of my workouts next week I know I will be succesful again.

Things are looking up! And my weight…

2013-02-22 weigh in

my weight is down another pound. Thank heavens. I don’t know if all this newfound (re-found) determination could have handled anything less.

I know I’m going to have days when being good is more difficult than others, but I don’t want to let one bad day give me permission to go downhill again. This blog post is titled so that I can find it easily when I’m having one of those difficult-to-stick-to-my-goals days. Losing weight really does feel like a battle…or a war. I need to win it.

Wish me luck.

What was I thinking?

I am having a crappy day, week, month. Oy!

I am feeling like I have bitten off more than I can chew with school. My schedule hasn’t fallen into place so it feels like I am just rushing from one thing to another and nothing is getting the attention it needs.

One workout this week, but I was sore!

I had to endure my first all nighter. Not even in high school did I go a night without sleeping because I was cramming for a test. It’s been 2 days since and I still don’t feel like I have got caught up on sleep. Of course here I am, after 11pm and still awake. I am too old for this!

I am drifting in a sea of craziness! I need to get my feet planted on solid ground again. How I am going to do that is a mystery. One day at a time I guess. Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to start over.

Must sleep!

Sweet dreams!

This is the Title…

I have no idea what to name this post.

Well, I missed last week. So much for perfect blog attendance. LOL! ¬†Flu and my first full week of 13 credits took me out. Wait, I hadn’t told you or anyone for that matter. I am back in school after a little more than a decade. Feeling a little crazy and haven’t got my schedule worked out quite right yet. Trying to fit in workouts are proving to be a bit difficult. Not to mention the stress has me reaching for more carbs than I care to admit.

My weight has held steady though. That’s one small blessing.

Drawing a bit of a blank here. I did do better this past week than the last. 3 workouts rather than 1. I must just keeping improving. More workouts and better eating. Plus SLEEP!. Must sleep!

I am hoping to hit a stride soon and not feel so chaotic.

Hopefully you all are doing better with your goals and the flu has steered clear of your house.

Another week, another new start.

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