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Status Quo Sucks!

I am in a holding pattern. Same weight, different day!

Slightly annoyed. Go up or Go down, preferably down, but do something Mr. Scale.

I work out, hard! Spend a day+ sore and then repeat. Watch what I eat. Drown in water, pee a river. What happens?


Be a slug, Eat like a glutton. What happens?


I work out. Sweaty, sweaty, sweaty! Eat like a pig. What Happens?


I work out! Boy do my calves and butt hurt! Watch what I eat. Have a small treat for the week. What happens?



If my weight was going up, I’d know I was doing things wrong. Change it and get back on track. If I was going down in pounds, the momentum would help keep me going. I don’t have motivation. How can you have motivation  to keep on keeping on when nothing you’re doing is working. All I feel is frustrated. I even tossed the idea of cancelling our Y membership around to my hubby. NOT GOOD!

The voices are creeping in. Why bother? I have other things to take care of. I don’t have time to take and hour or 2 out of my day to get all sweaty and gross. I’m not accomplishing anything anyways. My weight isn’t so bad. I am less than I was, isn’t that good enough?

Isn’t that good enough?

Well, No!

Who likes the status quo?

Somehow, someway, I must push through!

Wish me luck and better yet, pray for me!


looking on the bright side?

Getting a stomach bug sucks, but then again…

I haven’t weighed in

I haven’t even gotten dressed today

The only thing I’ve had to eat is toast (but that means way more out than in)

It’s raining and I’ve watched more TV today than I have in the last month (who doesn’t enjoy a lazy, rainy day?)

My husband is texting me from the market trying to help me find something I could eat (LOVE that man!)

Think I’ll go take a nap

Wish me luck


Not What I Weigh!

I don’t know about you, but I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with my bathroom scale. I stand on it and those numbers just don’t give me the affirmation and admiration that I’m looking for.

So, here’s what I need to remember… if I step on that scale and see it as an indication of my worth, I’m always going to feel drained. But if I step on a scale and I look at it with the tool in mind that it was supposed to be, I can be refreshed. I can say this scale measures the weight of my physical body, yes, but it can never measure my worth as a woman.

Lisa Terkeurst


I was needing this today, this week, this month, THIS YEAR! 

I have a feeling I am not the only one.

Remember where your worth comes from ladies!

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