10 Weight Loss Commandments


1. Though shall stay hydrated with water and not sugary or carbonated beverages.

2. Thou shall avoid food with preservatives and high salt content.

3. Thou shalt not eat past 7 pm or before 6 am.

4. Thou shalt not “give up” on a diet or “give in” to a binge after a minor slip up.

5. Thou shall do at least 30 minutes of exercise a day: a brisk walk is fine.

6. Thou shalt not eat at unplanned or unusual times, or when emotional.

7. Thou shall find a distraction when cold pizza or left over birthday cake is left unattended.

8. Thou shalt not be discouraged, this takes time, and quick fixes are not lasting.

9. Thou shall eat regularly, starvation diets are only temporary solutions to lifelong problems.

10. Thou shalt never feel alone; we’re in this together!

Author unknown

I saw this and thought how very appropriate it was. Particularly after such a big food holiday. A few of these were much needed reminders for me. I must say #10 hit me a little harder than the others as recently I am feeling very alone in this struggle.

Disclaimer-What I am about to say is in no way an insult to those who have chosen this course of action for weight loss. For many it is life saving! I, myself have considered it and if cost hadn’t been an issue would have had lapband.

A coworker underwent the gastric sleeve weight loss procedure 3 months ago and has lost 73lbs. As my weight has plateaued and the comments on my weight loss have waned,  hers have soared as she still eats the same, has her daily large sodas and has yet to see the inside of a gym. The comment  was made to me this week, as I stopped into the office on the way to the gym, that I should stop working so hard and do what NAME did. I could have felt defeated or angry, really I just felt alone. A second friend  who kept saying she would go to the gym with me, but when it came down to scheduling a time always bailed, is also scheduled for surgery.

I haven’t had a sweat buddy through this whole course, but I at least knew others trying along with me. I know you all are out there too, but it’s not quite the same as having a hug from another weight warrior in a weary battle when you are struggling. It seems like there is a “weight loss race” now and I am losing. Every week when **** asks me if I lost and I say no and she proceeds to tell me, “That’s too bad. I’ve lost another X lbs.” (with a smile that is a little fake)

I’m probably just being very sensitive and making and a mountain out of a mole hill. I totally meant for this post to be motivational and instead it is all gloomy. Sorry folks. Didn’t mean to take you all on the pity-train with me. Sigh!

Real life, right?!

Hi Ho Hi Ho it is off to a new start I go! Gym in the morning. A loss to report for next week would be awesome!

Good Luck everyone!



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  1. I think I may print this out and use it as a daily checklist 😉

    There are so many things that I thing SHOULD be encouraging when we are trying to lose weight (like seeing someone else have success) but instead have the opposite effect. Hang in there. Get to the gym. You are inspiring me!

  2. I love the weight loss commandments. I have an especially hard just before “that time” of the month. I have a note on my computer that reads ‘You are hormonal, not hungry!!!’ It’s helped me through a few almost bad moments. It’s hard to put in the hard work and have nothing show for it. Hoping you’ve changed up a few things, maybe the exercises you are doing…and will soon be beyond this plateau. I was there for a LONG time. Frustrating. You are NOT alone!

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