Thanksgiving (and desert) Bloat

It’s always the same…you see tons of disappointing reports on weight after Thanksgiving.  It’s part of the tradition, maybe?  I want to encourage those of you who didn’t like the aftermath of Thanksgiving to dig in again…just not into a plate of leftovers.  I am, unfortunately, right there with ‘everyone’.  I not only had a fantastic table of delicious food to gobble up on Thanksgiving but we took leftovers to the desert and I enjoyed several more delicious platefuls.  My scale is telling on me.  I am up to 165.2.   I like facing reality and then dealing with it head on, so I’m reworking my routine back to normal.  Getting to the gym last week didn’t happen with the very few days I had to prepare my house for a Thanksgiving gathering right after the cruise AND my son’s swim practice was cancelled while they work on the pool…double whammy of excuses.  This week I have none, so it’s back to the grind, back to putting in the time and work and watching what I put into my mouth.  Even little bites or special drinks make a difference.

It’s time to get rid of all that good food anyway.  Remember, when in doubt, throw it out!    Turkey Tip Tuesday found online…

I am one that needs a goal to work for.  I find it really helps me.  I think twice, or however many times it takes for me to get past a bad choice.  My hubby’s work is having a party in Feb.  Sounds like a fancy dress up type thing.  I never get to get all dolled up so I looked forward to the yearly Christmas parties they had  until the economy caused them to call them quits several years ago. Well, they are back…at least this year…in Feb.  I have a couple of months to slash the number on my scale.  Motivation!  I definitely need that during this time of year.


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  1. You will be great! I’m right there with you…finding my motivation to resist temptation this holiday season. If I can make it through without gaining weight I will be doing a happy HAPPY dance on New Year’s Eve.

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