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Wanted: A Few Good Songs

How is your week going? Is all the Easter candy gone from your house yet?

My emotions have been up and down which I guess is par for the course leading up to my “visitor,” “Aunt Flo,” “Big Red,” or as a friend of mine calls it “Permission to Mistreat your Spouse.” I was brought to tears by hubby asking if I had lost weight because my face looked slimmer and little things my kids have been doing are driving me crazy! I also  found myself lonely at the gym.

I do not have a gym buddy. I have tried to get together with friends but schedules never mesh. We homeschool, so I take my 13 and 15-year-old with me. My son doesn’t mind getting on the treadmill next to me but he isn’t very motivating for me and the eye rolling from my daughter is enough to make me want to scream. They also finish before me and can’t wait to go sit in the lobby. I am then very aware of the””Are you done yet?” stares and will hurry and finish. Hubby isn’t much better. It is a running joke about his need for water. He will spend some time doing cardio then go get a drink. Do a few sets of weights and go get a drink. Maybe a few situps then a drink. Now when I say he goes to get a drink I mean he meanders, wanders around, picks the dandelions ( even though we are inside) on his way to the water fountain and back. I know for him it is early to be at the gym plus between work, sleep, school, and kids it is a little time together. So the workouts aren’t as grueling as they should be or as long.

For the most part it doesn’t bother me to be alone. Usually I work out harder than if someone is there, but there are times I wish I wasn’t. There are those couples at the gym that actually push each other just a little bit more. I like to see these couples rather than the ones who should really learn how to spot properly because that is not where your hands go, please just go get a room couples. There’s also the friends who are just there to look cute in their latest gym outfit, not to break a sweat, while trading the latest gossip. There are the pairs who tell each other “Another five minutes, you can do it!” on the treadmill that I wish I were a part of when I am just a little low on motivation or discouraged.

I needed that a lot this week!

Really, most days, I am glad to not have to make small talk or feel like I am neglecting or ignoring a friend because I am concentrating. My own little zone with Pink, Adele, and the cast of Glee  pushing me through. My anthem, if you will, is “Stronger” by Christina Aguillera right now.(Correction: “Fighter” you’d think I’d know the title of a song I listen to so much.) That song repeats several times during my run. I just think of my ex-husband, and the mean comments in high school and do one more interval of running even though my run is technically over. “Defying Gravity” is another one that helps.

I’d love to know if there are some songs that motivate you. I am trying to put together a list to be my “Gym Buddy Playlist.” Songs that will give me that shove when I am less than gun-ho about my workout. My music tastes go far and wide so give me anything. If it helps you, I bet it would help me.

It’s a new week, new start, new chance to be healthy!

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