Stress and the fat woman

I weighed in.

It wasn’t bad.

It wasn’t great.

It was…


.2 pounds down.

As I weighed in – and for completely unrelated to my weight reasons – I could feel the stress binding up my body. It’s been a tough week. My dad…is stubborn and sick which is a horrible combination. Some weeks are worse than others especially when the rest of my life isn’t perfect and smooth…which it never is.


Stress is not conducive to weight loss.

Exercise does help with the stress. I’ve don’t that lots this week. My body is sore. I’ve done a little stress eating but as soon as I realized what I was doing I stopped.

Another weapon against the stress I’m using: in bed by 10 and up before 6. Some nights that is easier than others but it feels good…and makes it easier to get to the early spin class.

Praying for a week that has more weight loss than stress. Wish me luck!


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