I was nervous about weighing in this morning (perhaps you saw my tweet last night?). I started wondering if my last weigh in was a fluke or a mistake. It came when I needed it most, and it spurned me on to work hard and eat well. If I weighed in this morning and I had gained, I wasn’t going to be surprised or discouraged. I was just going to keep trying. 

…and THAT, my friends, is  p r o g r e s s.

After weighing in at very near a pound and a half less (than last week) this morning

2014-09-05 weigh in

I realized that this has been a gift from Heavenly Father when I needed something encouraging. I am glad that I did something useful with His gift and made more progress. It feels good. 

Really good.

So if you see me this week with my face in my smartphone, I’m probably not checking Facebook or playing Bejeweled. I’m probably updating my SparkPeople app with how much water I’ve had to drink or what I just ate or adding my workout. I thoroughly enjoy looking at the report at the end of the day that shows my calorie differential (how many I’ve burned vs. how many I’ve eaten). It is more satisfying than Ben & Jerry’s at the end of a crappy day. 

Blasphemy? Maybe, but I leave you with this, my new favorite quote, which may help you to understand:


Working to make this my mantra when I am tempted. WISH ME LUCK!


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