Temper tantrum

When I weighed in Monday I was ticked. I went sugar free. I did my ab challenge. I worked out when it was inconvenient. All of this in an effort to push past this weight plateau and what was my result? I HAD GAINED. It wasn’t much weight but it WAS defeating.

I started pouting, cursed every stinking sit up and then I just stopped doing them. I let myself stay up late and even indulged in some treats. Why should I work so hard if I wasn’t getting results? I’ve been stuck at this dagnabit weight for weeks months. Why try?

Funny thing is none of the treats were as good as I expected. I was craving fruits. Then yesterday afternoon I felt….gross.

What fun are treats that aren’t that good and feeling awful? None.

I woke up this morning and wanted to work out. So I did. And I weighed in:

Didn’t significantly gain or lose as a result of my week of pouting but I learned/reminded myself there is more to these lifestyle changes I am making than just what that darn scale reports.

Here’s to a week of working hard and trying not to focus on what the scale may or may not report next week.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Good for you for recognizing that you were pouting and what you truly wanted. You will do this! And I will too! One stupid pound at a time! Love you!

  2. Angela Harris

    You can do it AnnaBeth. I believe in you 🙂

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