I’m ticked


That is half a pound heavier than last week and I have been working hard! I hate weeks like this!

Instead of my normal, “Nothing I do matters anyway!” pout fest (that usually means I skip workouts and eat all sorts of things I’ve been avoiding) I am trying to double down. No skipping workouts and no sugar.

I type that reluctantly. I am weak. I only decided it this morning after my weigh in to avoid sugar and I’ve already come close to grabbing sugary treats. Can I stay away from sugar?

I can stay away from candy, soda, and other sugar-filled treats (which is where I usually find comfort in my disappointment). I can. Right? I mean, YES, I can.

Wish me luck (and better results at my next weigh in)!

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  1. Angela Harris

    You can do hard things, I believe in you.

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