What would you do if she were your daughter?

People surprise me.

Maybe I should be more cynical and not expect so much of people.

Or maybe people should think before they speak, er, type.

My friend, Andrea, and I were close in high school. We went our separate ways when school was over but thanks to social media we reconnected a few years ago. We have had a couple of lovely visits since then. Her heart is bigger than ever, like many of us she has had her fair share of trials, and I am incredibly jealous of how well she has aged. But not one parent I know could be jealous of her right now.

Her 16-year old daughter Indica is missing.

Some call her a runaway, Indica’s family think (and I agree) that she was lured away from her home. She left without any money or her cell phone. In the note to her family she cryptically said that she was going to be taken care of. After she left they found evidence that she had been talking to adult men that her family does not know, and have no reason to trust. With her name on the news, her face all over social media (in and out of her area), and all her friends being contacted if Indica was free to,  her family believes she would have called to at least say that she was safe by now. If she was free and with someone with any brain at all they would have MADE her call by now to protect themselves.

KSL, the new station local to where Andrea lives, did a segment on Indica. (you can see it here) I was so grateful they chose to run the story! But so disappointed in the comments of idiots on the website. I really hope Andrea and her family aren’t reading their stupidity.

When something bad happens to my child (or someone I love) I go crazy thinking of all the ways I could have possibly prevented the bad. I know just from looking at Andrea’s face in this segment that she is weighed down with all the “What ifs…” Among many other comments that bashed (whether subtly or not) their parenting, was one of the stupidest comments I have ever read. It said something like “Why is a 16 year old wearing so much makeup?” Ya. Let’s blame her make up choices for why she was lured away. That’s like blaming a woman who got raped because she wore something attractive to her attacker.

Don’t be an idiot.

Better than that, instead of sitting in your cozy situation with your family/loved ones safe and sound, don’t judge. Do something. Share this information. Make & distribute flyers. Encourage news stations to run the story. Whether it’s this beautiful girl or another child in a similar situation, do something. I dare you.

Be the guy who puts down his Big Mac and saves a girl from 10 years of captivity.

Show some humanity. We all have resources and gratefully this is one of mine. It may not get tons of traffic but I am doing what I can. It’s better than shaking my head and saying, “That’s a shame.”

Find Indica Huddleston Facebook page

National Center for Missing Children

Andrea’s blog, she inspires even in her darkest hour

Latest article with more details

I will leave her picture in the side bar until she is found and promise to update you when she is.


Indica was found and unharmed.
She is back with her family. Andrea’s sister posted this update on Facebook on behalf of the family,

“WE HAVE HER back safe and sound. We are eternally grateful for everyone’s support and help during this difficult time. Right now they just need to spend time with Indica. She will be back in communication after they have some time together as a family.There is still an investigation and there will most likely be criminal charges (not against her) but the important thing is she is home. Prayers were answered tonight! Thank you all!”

Interview with Andrea shortly after Indica was found

Please join us in prayers of gratitude!


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  1. Honestly it doesn’t matter if she wore to much make up or her parents should have maybe done a better job at screening the computer. The fact is a sweet beautiful 16 yr old girl is GONE.. She’s missing. She’s not in the safety of her loving family. Those other things dont matter, what matters is that she’s safe. What does freak me out is now that they have learned she was talking to older men, that one of those perv’s has her (I’ve watched way to many of those Datelines) .. and it seriously makes me sick to my stomach. I pray they find her soon and safe.

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