No Excuses

I haven’t felt like blogging. There’s nothing to blog about. At least not on this blog anyway. My weight sucks. My life is chaotic. It’s easier to just get fat.

This, my friends is the ugly side of weight loss.

It’s because of these setbacks that I feel like my goal is unattainable and why bother? I am just going to fail any wind up where I was anyways!

I’m just not getting it done.

I have no excuses!


Posted on July 14, 2013, in Kris and tagged , , . Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Aw, no! I feel like I’ve abandoned you. Don’t give up. I haven’t. I’ve just not been blogging. Life has thrown me some curve balls and I’m learning to juggle.

    Hang in there! Praying for a better week!

  2. You are worth it… don’t give up. It’s not just a wight thing, it’s a healthy life thing… and you ARE worth it!

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