Schedule? What’s that?

Ok, so these past two weeks have been nothing short of crazy! First, the hubs went to Seattle the same week I shot a commercial for Wal Mart, hosted my cousins rehearsal dinner at our house, and had all of the other wedding festivities to attend to! The next week my sis was in town and then drove home and took my three big kids with her so they could go to their other families house in St George. Those weeks left me exhausted and thrown off track. It was trying to get back on my daily schedule that made me realize how bad I needed a schedule.

When my kids are home I’m crazy mean mom and don’t let them run astray all the day long. I have a schedule for them that is posted on the fridge and they know what activity to do at what time of the day. We have time set aside for breakfast, chores, scripture study, journal writing, exercise, reading, crafts/projects, and free time. Oh, we also have time in there for lunch and some “Clean up” times. But since they aren’t here I’m not following anyones schedule and it’s not good! I have found myself more tired and less energetic. I have started projects and not finished them. And I have woken up at 10 almost every morning. I mean, I get up with the baby at 6 and then go back to sleep with her at 7 and then we wake up again at 10. On Sunday I had decided to rededicate myself and took the advise of a lactation specialist and upped my daily calories. It was the hardest thing in the world to do. I get the reasoning behind it. I don’t want to dip too far down in calories where my milk supply vanishes. This cute little 15 week old is the most important thing. So I went into myfitnesspal and changed my calorie goal to increase by 200 cals a day. I weighed this morning and am down almost 3 lbs since Sunday. What. The. Heck. I’m happy about it, but still very cautious!


So. I’ve decided that my schedule-less days are a thing of the past, I must schedule and stick to the times I have scheduled to exercise. Last night I invited myself to one of my besties house to use her pool. I treaded water “vigorously” for 20 min and burned like 300 cals! It was nice to be in the pool {it’s like 400 degrees here. Not really. But tomorrow our high is 117—practically 400 if you ask me!} and it was something different than going on my treadmill or doing a workout DVD. It got me outside and while my legs burned I chatted with my friend while she and I vigorously burned those calories and the time actually went pretty quickly. It was nice!  This week I will focus on getting back on my schedule, increasing my water in take, and eating more veggies!

Hope everyone has a great week! And if you want to see the cutest way ever to burn calories, go check out my blog and watch my girl get the giggles… it’s really to die for!




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