Me and Taylor Swift

I weighed in and even with all of the mucus taking up residence in my head (I think my head is three pounds heavier than usual) I am down more than two and a half pounds to this…

2013-06-14 weigh in

I never, ever, ever want to see that 240 (or any weight above it) again. Ever. Serious as a Taylor Swift break up song. (Don’t you love my summer inspired blue sparkly toes?! Rae treated me to a birthday pedicure last week. She’s the best!)

I found inspiration and strength through my prayers and scripture study this week. Of course, the inspiration wasn’t all for my battle with the scale, but that clearly shows. I found that when I looked for satisfaction or fulfillment in desserts I was left wanting. It made those things less attractive. I renewed my love/hate relationship with cycling class. I hate going but love how I feel afterward…and love that I have a designated time to hang out with Tami. Sometimes we chat almost as much as we cycle but we always sweat buckets….well, I do…don’t want to speak for Tami 😉

Autumn and Rae use the myfitnesspal app to track their stats. I used to use for that purpose. Now I find myself wondering which app to use. Problem is…I’m not very good at record keeping. Maybe this week I will spend a day using each and pick the one that best. I’m having a hard time motivating  myself to use one at all. I find I get discouraged by my lack or by the time it takes to keep track.

Do I get easily discouraged? Or am I just a big complainer? Whatever. I blame the nasal drip and cough this morning.

Continuing the same goal for this week, plus more spin, add in some swimming, and eating my veggies. Looking forward to a great week….if I can get over this nasty summer cold.

Wish me luck!


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  1. At first it takes time to record what you eat on My fitness pal but it gets really fast because it keeps track of what you eat and we eat a lot of the same things everyday so it will pull. And it really doens’t take that long ya know. I game of scamble words takes longer than what you plug in for food. It only takes a min each time you eat. It really makes you think about eating though. Are you really hungry or you just going to mindlessly eat. If you have to track it, you are less likely to eat it or make healthier choices. I lost 8 lbs in a month and on my body that is pretty big by using that app. I say do it. I dare ya 🙂

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