Nike+ kinect training

The weekly reporting of nothing to report really started to mess with my head. But months and months of not writing on here makes me feel guilty. Not that there is still anything to report, but I like to think that my posting gives some support. At least to my other blogger authors, if not to the readers.

Ok so honesty time. I’ve been working out four times a week for about a half hour doing Nike kinect training. Yes, we are a very technological home. And yet these workouts kick my trash. This is not your wii exercising, or even the other kinect fitness games that are out there. Trust me we have tried out a few workout “games”. This is no game.

They assess your abilities by asking you to do several exercises and then you choose a goal and they put together workouts for you. I chose “get lean” as my goal; they also have “get strong” and “get toned” as goals. From here you get to tell it how many times a week you will workout and what days. I did four: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday. You can do more or less. No judgement from the game they just put you to work.

I do two kinds of workouts, cardio and strength. High knees, mountain climbers, burpees, star jumps, sumo squats, planks, wood chops, lunges, and one and a half squats have become so well known my three year old can do them by name. I started this workout knowing that I wouldn’t weigh in anymore. I want to be healthier not just skinnier. Thing is after four months now I am a little scared I will weigh in and the scale won’t be any different. I dreamt last night that I weigh in at more. I don’t want to be discouraged again. This workout routine is working for me. So I am afraid the scale matters a little too much for me. I won’t be weighing in anytime soon and thus will have nothing to report. So, I am afraid I won’t be blogging every week. I do read every post on here though.

Keep going scale matters bloggers!

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  1. I don’t think that’s the right answer. I know first hand, if you stray, you STRAY. Don’t weigh yourself. Maybe you are motivated to stick with your program, but if you don’t, it is so much easier to just drift away and get lost. I, for one, would love to hear how your workouts are going? Does it seem to be changing the way you eat? Do you have more energy from when you first started? etc… I’m sure you can come here and give us a few words. Are you taking your measurements? If not, I’d recommend you start now. What do you think?

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