Hide It….and stick to it!

Sorry I missed yesterday, I was crazy. I’m not even sure where the entire day went, but before I knew it it was 12:17 am and I was climbing into bed!

Last weekend I had a birthday party to attend. Before I went to the party I decided I was going to work out to hopefully curb the urge to make not so good choices.  At the party  they served chips, pizza, and an amazing looking cake. I sat and sipped on my water and did not indulge on the “devil food” lol. When it was time for the cake I took one bite of my son’s slice and that was it. One bite! I was so proud of myself!! I felt like that was a huge accomplishment. The next morning I got up and did my usual morning routine (bathroom, nurse, bathroom, weigh) and I had GAINED?! What in the world?! I was so so so pissed off discouraged! I had been working so hard! I have been logging my food, exercising, doing everything I needed to and I GAINED?! How could this be? I came out in tears. Yes, tears. I told my husband how frustrated I was and that I didn’t understand. To which he replied, “you’ve got to stop weighing every day. You know your weight fluctuates. You have to stop”. He was right and I knew it. So I gave him the scale and told him to hide it and under no circumstances was he to give it back to me until Thursday.

I worked hard this week. Hard. I logged my food (find me on myfitnesspal mrsebg), stayed under my calories most days, exercised, and drank gallons of water. On Tuesday I had a good convo with my surgeon I worked for and who gave me my lapband (gotta love knowing I can call the man morning, noon, or night and he would picke up…it’s pay back for all the times he called me on my cell those same hours! 😉 ). I told him I thought I was going to come in for a fill soon but I was very nervous my milk supply would suffer because of it. You see, as much as I want to lose this baby weight and some, it is more important to me that my baby is breast fed her first year. My health is important because the nutrients I take in are feeding her. So after asking me how many calories I was consuming, how much water I was drinking, and how often I was working out he told me something I was a little shocked at. “Autumn, you’re not coming in for a fill. You want to nurse the first year? Your baby is 12 weeks old. I’ll see you in about 10 months if you still need one. You don’t worry about the weight. It will come off if you stick to what you’re doing. But don’t mess with a fill, you don’t want it to mess with your supply” If I stick to what I’m doing. Stick. To. What. I’m Doing. I can do that!!!

So, Thursday morning I wake up and do my routine and step on the scale. I closed my eyes and then looked….down 4lbs!!!!!! I was so happy!!! All that sweat and passing of good food paid off!!! All that going to bed hungry unsatisfied was worth it!!!

This week I’m going to face some challenges. The hubs is away on business and my cousin is getting married! So… Thursday is her shower at Old Spaghetti Factory, Friday is her rehearsal dinner at my house, and Saturday is her wedding. But I can make good choices knowing what I have to face and having it planned out.

My challenge to everyone this week is to hide your scale and stick to what you’re doing!!!

Ohhh… and here’s my favorite dessert recipe that I’ve been loving for a cold treat that’s not so bad on calories!

1 frozen banana

1tsp coco powder

1tsp peanut butter

splash of milk

combine all ingredients in your blender (I have a nutribullet so it crushes through those frozen bananas like no ones business—however if you don’t you can leave the bananas out to soften for about 10 min.) and enjoy! This yummy treat is 212 cals for 1 cup of yummy ice cream deliciousness! 🙂


Have a great week!



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