2 steps back



I had to weigh in at the doctor’s office yesterday, so I was more prepared to step on the scale today. Is it weird that my home scale and the one at the doctor’s office said the exact same weight?

2013-04-26 weigh in


I wasn’t surprised by the weight. Like I said in Wednesday’s post…I haven’t been doing what I should. However, I was surprised that this is my highest weigh in since September 2011 …right after I began. I am so glad I’ve been keeping track and I have pictures to remind me of the amazing progress I’ve made. There is no reason to let my weight creep up any further. I’ve lost it before and I don’t want to keep losing it…I’d like to get rid of this weight and then live in maintanance mode forever.

Losing the same 15 pounds repeatedly seems counterproductive, doesn’t it?!

My bad behavior not only showed in my weight gain, but in my A1C (an average of my blood sugar level for the last 3 months). Doc called today to discuss increasing my meds. I refused. I promised him I would make an effort, that I would be better. Counteracting my bad eating habits and lack of exercise with more medicine is NOT going to get me healthy. In 3 more months I have to go back in for another A1C. My goal is to have it be below 7.0 which, I think, is completely doable.

Wish me luck!


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  1. Have you watched Forks over Knives? That is what I watched a few years ago that totally changed the way we eat. Dixon ended up losing about 30 pounds on it, until he started drinking Pepsi again. 😦 Whatever you do though, good luck. You can win this battle!

  2. Totally do-able!!! It’s amazing how motivated me get when we realize how it’s effecting our health!

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