What was I thinking?

I am having a crappy day, week, month. Oy!

I am feeling like I have bitten off more than I can chew with school. My schedule hasn’t fallen into place so it feels like I am just rushing from one thing to another and nothing is getting the attention it needs.

One workout this week, but I was sore!

I had to endure my first all nighter. Not even in high school did I go a night without sleeping because I was cramming for a test. It’s been 2 days since and I still don’t feel like I have got caught up on sleep. Of course here I am, after 11pm and still awake. I am too old for this!

I am drifting in a sea of craziness! I need to get my feet planted on solid ground again. How I am going to do that is a mystery. One day at a time I guess. Tomorrow is a new day, a new opportunity to start over.

Must sleep!

Sweet dreams!


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