What can I say?

Number of workouts this week: 0

Did I cheat with food? Yes  Sir-ee Bob!

Number of days I cheated: 5, maybe 6, oh alright everyday!

So much for motivational sayings!

In my defense it has been a ridiculously busy, stressful week. Not good enough you say? Yeah I know! Maybe it’s  subconscious. Our church has challenged us all to a 21-day fast beginning tomorrow. You can do whatever type of fast you feel led to do, and I have chosen a sunrise-sunset fast with a partial fast of bread. The all day fast because I am feeling very far from God right now and the partial because bread is my downfall! I need to break that obsession and find comfort in Him rather than a buttered roll. Could it be that knowing this sacrifice was coming, I indulged myself  leading up to it. Probably. That’s the kind of logic where food is concerned I have given before.

The chore is to not let this set back become my routine. Must move forward. Must persevere!

I am reminded of something I saw on FB though

217856_10200418715500926_541797706_n (1)


Well, I guess it’s a good thing tomorrow is Monday! LOL!

How many mulligans do we get anyways?

Here we go!!

Good Luck All!

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