Resolves and Resolutions

Look, it’s me! I’m blogging again! And on my day!! This will be a quick ditty, but I wanted to check in after the Holiday’s.

Christmas was a very fun time around here. We baked {and ate} more cookies than one should ever bake or eat, we had fun watching Christmas movies, reading Christmas stories, introducing our kiddos to the new tradition of having an Elf on the Shelf {whom my kids so kindly named Psy the Snitch}, and this year we focused on the giving of Christmas and the life of our Savior. It was a beautiful holiday season. I hope yours was too!


As we ring in the new year I have made some goals. Some are a little silly, but they are goals none the less. I thought about them long and hard and wanted to make sure that my goals were not completely unattainable. I didn’t want to shoot myself in the foot before I was even starting. Now these are personal as well as weight loss goals… So here they are!

1. Have a baby by the end of March 🙂

2. While still pregnant no candy before lunch {yes, I have a HORRIBLE habit of enjoying dessert for breakfast}

3. Get out of debt–student loans and all

4. Focus on my personal prayers and scripture study

5. Drink more water

6. Lose 50lbs by December


That’s it my friends. And I feel all of these are within reach. I know that they will take discipline and some will be harder than others, but I can do it. I know I can. So what are your goals for 2013?

And to leave you all off… here’s a pic of my belly yesterday…don’t worry, it’s not a naked belly–I love you all too much to do that to you! 29w and 1d… and because my OB is inducing me a week early that means 10 more weeks until I meet this little girl who I’m pretty sure is having a dance party in my bulging belly! 🙂


Pregnant Belly


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