Who came up with Jeans?

WARNING- The following is a rant from an unstable, hormonal woman!


I should know better than to go jean shopping at the beginning of my period or ever for that matter!

As the pile of rejects became larger so did my frustration! If a pair fit over my thighs and hips it was then huge in the waist that would require a belt and be bunched up. If it was halfway decent for the waist, my legs looked like stuffed sausages. One dipped too low in the back which would mandate never sitting or bending over or they were the mom jeans up to my arm pits. I guess if they go up that high they could make them in a “push-up” style to combat sagging. Then there is the ever annoying foot and a half of material pooling on the floor. Not every woman is an amazonian goddess whose 6 feet tall, nor one who likes to wear sky high heels to fake the height either!

If I am going to spend that much money even after the sale with an extra %off coupon and store cash, which is still ridiculous!, the jeans had better fit right and look good. Or at least half way decent!

Who designs these clothes anyway? I am convinced it isn’t a real woman or any one who has met a real woman!

My hubby tried to make me feel better as we left, “Someday you’ll go into a dressing room and won’t come out crying.” I told him I wasn’t so sure and I’m not. I use to think there would come a time when what I looked like in a mirror would match what my mind thinks I look like. Whatever!

I should know better than to weigh in at this time too. Can I really blame it on my period? I worked out more than the 2-3 weeks before, did well with food even. Crappy scale!

Ok, I have vented. Didn’t accomplish much, but there you go. I don’t have much else tonight!

Sweating in the morning. How ’bout you?



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