Getting Dressed

Beside the fact that I haven’t had time to fold the laundry that I have washed and there are at least 5 loads yet to be done, my jeans are a little tight


I know they are well intended, but I have not been working toward my goals and my weight is creeping back up. How could I possibly “look great”? Which brings me to…

Weighing In

2012-11-30 weigh in

Speaks for itself

Feeling so lame


My Amazing Husband

When I mentioned that I hate getting dressed, his response was, “You don’t have to get dressed on my account.” No matter how I look he makes me feel like a blushing bride.


Especially the fun, seasonal things everyone brings out just for the holidays. Yet, last year I was pretty good at resisting. My willpower this year has been dictated by feeling lame.

My Gym

This week a new branch opened just a hop, skip, and a jump from my house. Fewer excuses!


I’m wiping my slate clean this morning and starting again. I will forgive myself for this lapse.  I am letting go of the past month (or so), eliminating excuses, and making time for me. It is a must.


I will not give in to the temptation of swedish fish (or any other candy), late night eating,  or distractions from the important. Planning will be my friend. Every opportunity to work out is a must, because YES, just this one workout will make a difference, Self! It is time to stop the pity party/looking for more time in the day lameness. It is time for discipline and to give myself what I really want for the long run by not giving in to the right now.

My friend (a fitness warrior) posted this and I am borrowing it as my inspiration


I can do faithful!

Been doing it for 17 years and counting with my Amazing Husband. If only fitness was as accomodating.

Wish me luck!


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