Stupid Voices!

You know those little voices that can destroy all the work you have done and convince you of something that isn’t quite right!

While my weight loss has not been as dramatic as I would like, I do see changes in my body since starting to run. The biggest is how my cothes fit.

I have had a pear shape for a long time. Clothes shopping is the worst! Something that would fit my waist would not be wide enough to make it over my hips and thighs. Now while my thunder thighs are still a clapping, the noise is a little more stream lined. So to speak.

Yesterday, I was trying to decide what to wear to drive an SUV full of teens on a wild goose chase around town based on clues. This year’s theme was football. Since it was 1. a sports theme and 2. having to hop in and out of a car, some appropriate, comfortable gym clothes were in order. I put the shirt on that all teams received, totally expecting it to be like so many others where it fits fine until the hips where it would look like (in the words of Steel Magnolias) two pigs wrestling in a sack. Not this time. It wasn’t loose but it wasn’t constricting either. At first I reached for my tried and true yoga pants and then I saw my pair of Nike warm up pants hanging there, taunting me. I love these pants, but haven’t worn them in years. They encased my legs like sausages and the moon would rise if I sat or bent over.

Could it be? Maybe? Do I dare?

It could!

I put them on holding my breath!

Slid right up. I dared to breathe. Still no problem, but the true test was yet to come. A grand plie was in order. Down I went and back up again. No moon, no sun, no cutting off of the circulation and risking amputation when tissue starts to die.

I wore them proudly and then the voices started.

“Look, you’re in one of your favorite pair of pants.”

“You’re butt is smaller!”

“Not so many rolls.”

“You are looking pretty good.”

“Why try to kill myself at the gym?”

“Maintaining this would be ok.”

“You can have some vanilla ice cream.”

“A shortened workout on Monday would be alright.”


I realized this would go on and on and pretty soon as I tried to convince myself that I was happy with what I achieved, the workouts would become fewer and the calories would increase. Before I know it, all weight would be gained back and usually with some extra for good measure, and I would be a slug. I can see where I have done this before.  I caught it this time though.

It is not making it any easier to refute those little voices though!

I must remember that this is not my stopping point. I have much farther to go. Just think how good I will look then!!

Stupid Voices! I’ll show them!


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  1. That is such a perfect example of how our thoughts can start out good and healthy and slowly change into BAD! It’s how Satan works too…”This little bit won’t hurt.” It’s all lies. Don’t believe the little voices…just the BIG voice that tells you to do hard, healthy stuff.

    Loved your post today!

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