A month

A month since I blogged. How does time fly so quickly? The first week I missed because I was trying to pack for Disneyland while still struggling with bronchitis. Then I went on vacation and honestly it’s like the worst ever combination for ruining routine. At least for me it is. When I get sick like that I can’t workout, I can barely make it up the stairs without blacking out and losing my breath. When I get a little cough I worry that it might turn into bronchitis so I take it easy until its gone completely. And vacation is the worst. Especially when you go to Disneyland and wear your feet out until your middle toes go numb. You don’t really feel like coming home and getting up and going on them.

What progress have I made this month? None weight wise. 247 lbs but I did finally go to my doctor Monday. I got a whole lot of blood taken from me and hopefully next week we will have answers.

I won’t lie. I’m scared. I’m scared at either answer I will get. Either my body isn’t working right, or I am fat and older and slower. Ie the work I have done dieting and working out isn’t enough. And it has been Ă¼ber hard! Honestly if weight watchers wasn’t going to work for me I don’t what will besides a major overhaul of everything I do and eat.

So I am not excited.


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  1. I’m sorry you are scared and beyond not enthused. Not being able to plan, and not knowing why; it is feeling out of control inside your own body. It happens in many different ways, and I am sorry you have to understand it. Call me anytime, I mean it.

  2. I will be excited for you…if that’s all you need! Praying for healthy test results. Keep us posted.

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