Hormonal, not hungry

I have a sign posted to remind me that I am hormonal…not hungry!!!  I seem to forget and find myself looking around in the kitchen for a snack.  It happens the few days before and a few days into my “cycle”.    Sometimes it is just an overwhelming loud beast I have a hard time ignoring.  That’s what I’m dealing with today.  Oh the cravings!  Mexican food.  My husband and I call it “dirty” food, because we feel “dirty” guilty after eating it.  That’s what I’m craving right now.  Down right dirty Mexican food!  I tried to appease my cravings last night with taco salad using ground chicken and it did the job ok, but later that night I failed the urge and had a tiny quesadilla.  It tasted so good, and yet, was it worth it?  Today I’m working on the same crazy cravings, maybe even multiplied in intensity.  I’m working on a chicken taco tonight, hoping to curb the beast within.  Time will tell.  I’m just saying, it’s a good thing I don’t have fresh salsa, because those tortilla chips in the cabinet would be GONE!

Does anyone else go through such maddening, almost uncontrollable cravings.  It’s seriously ridiculous when I think about it, yet in the midst of it, it’s all I can do to control myself.

Ah, well, I’ve stayed steady this week.  I weighed in at 166 even today.  It’s very slow going, but I think next week will show better (if I contain myself) since I won’t be holding in so much water…gotta love all the complexities of being a woman!

Another week with no candy.  Join in any time!  You’ll be glad you did!  


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  1. Yes, I do! I always feel so guilty and think how “this is it!” Only to be snacking again a few hours later. Oy!
    Good job on maintaining though!

    • Thank you. I was glad to see I maintained too. Uh! I had a spoonful of Rocky Road ice cream tonight and it was too tiny so I went back and got a couple more spoonfuls! At least it wasn’t Mexican food?!

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