I’ve started this blog post a hundred times in my head….maybe more. It’s been three weeks since I wrote anything. I’ve been mulling over what is next for me/weight loss and what changes I can make. Or maybe it has been more about what changes I am willing to make.

Anyway…haven’t figured that out yet.

Had a horrible week where I only worked out once, did not have healthy treats on hand so I ate everything. I even drove through the golden arches with my son and ordered something for myself. I was completely prepared for and expecting a 5 poundish gain. Instead…


I am pretty much in the same place I have stayed the last 4 weeks. Seriously?

That is so annoying. I mean…I probably should be grateful for the week of indulgence with no significant change in my weight. Instead I feel powerless. I bust my buns, eat really well and my weight stays the same. I spend a week fostering my unhealthy habits and my weight stays the same.

You know what else is annoying? Since I’m already in a mood I will tell you:

  • Needing a belt to hold up your pants (to save money on buying new pants) and the largest belts at your first stop are not big enough. Thanks for raining on my parade, Target.
  • How all clothing stores put “women” sizes (aka – fat lady) right next to maternity.
  • 100 degree farenheit weather in OCTOBER!
  • Teenager daughters…sometimes. (Other times they are super duper awesome…like right now when she is fixing my hair for a night out…while I type)
  • Democrats. Republicans. Politicians.
  • People who throw trash out their car windows. I actually saw someone do that this week. I thought we had evolved past littering. Don’t you remember the crying Indian Native American man?
  • Having to pee in the middle of the night.

I need to stop before I get myself in a cranky mood since I am getting ready for a big birthday party. Can’t you tell by the way I’m writing my blog post?

My goal this week is to figure out what I’m really going to do to get out of this cranky weight loss rut. As I find answers I’ll do some bonus posts. Maybe I can redeem myself for the weeks of neglect.

Wish me luck.



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  1. Love It!
    How about being asked when you are due when you aren’t preggers!
    Wanting to wear short ankle socks instead of what is considered granny socks but hate how they cut into your fat cankles!
    Cankles, Hate Cankles!!
    Thinking that there shouldn’t be much difference in sizes between a # in Women’s and that same # in Misses until you try on the latter and realize you still need the W after the size and think it’s just a nice way of saying you are in the “Husky” sizes. Just keep going up in sizes instead of false hope that I am out of the “fat lady” section!
    Trying to sleep in a bunk bed because it is slightly better than the couch and your preschoolers have taken over your side of the bed.

    Ok you got me going, but misery loves company right? Or maybe it’s just fun to complain sometimes.
    Love you! Keep plugging away.The scale may not show it but I am sure your cholesterol, blood pressure, and stamina are all improved and that is huge! It means a longer life with your teenage daughter who hopefully won’t always annoy you. ;-}

  2. I like your list, Kris! Except in my bed the dog takes my husband’s side so he rolls over into my sleep space…and then I kick them both.

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