Rewind to a better place. Please!

I will give you fair warning now, this is going to be a jumbled mess. I’m not sure I have had a clear thought process since Wednesday.

It’s September 30th, end of the 3rd quarter, final weigh-in day.

While sitting in church today, I noticed how much easier my rings slipped off my fingers. Encouraging, but I couldn’t bear to do a weigh-in and have another disappointment.

I worked out 6+hours in the first 3 days of the week. Great start for the final stretch. Until Wednesday. I was going to be able to make it to the gym on Thursday as well, but sleep didn’t come until 3am the night before. No gym since then.

Food intake may have started out well, but stress eating has varied from the regular bad choices and amounts to not eating at all.

The irony is not lost on me that I would post a “Thank You” to you all hours before life as I knew it would change.

Cryptic enough? What happened?

For as much as I love all of you for your encouragement and shared weight-loss struggles, this probably isn’t the best place to discuss the matter.

I am struggling, lost all motivation, just want to eat stuff that tastes good since it seems to be all that is good in life right now. And really do not want to go to the gym tomorrow.

How crappy was this post?!

I’m sorry, it’s all I got right now…..


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  1. Not sure what you’re going through, but I know that food, although comforting in the moment, is not the answer to the comfort you are looking for. I’m not sure if you have a relationship with THE COMFORTER, but he’s much more effective to turn to, although not the immediate gratification that food is… Looking back, you’ll be glad you stayed strong in whatever dip this is and don’t have more weight to lose again later. Prayers!

  2. Thanks Rae, I do. On my knees is the only way I know to deal with this. I did have a break down in Mardels on Friday. Little did the store employee know what she was in for when she asked if I needed help. I guess if you are going to have a break down it should be in a Christian bookstore where a complete stranger drops everything to pray with/for you.

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