Setbacks and Adjustments

When I have a plan, I really like to follow it through.  When something comes along and derails that plan, I notice I fall apart.

Last week I found out that I will need a minor surgery on my back to excise a mole that the biopsy ruled atypical.  It actually has quite a fancy name.  I won’t be able to do any exercises for a few days after the procedure on Thursday  and nothing with my back for 2 weeks when the stitches will be removed.  Then it’s a wait and see when I can get back to it.

So, you know what I did last week?  Nothing.  No exercises anyway…except the 2-3 pull-ups my son has me do every day.  I did nothing.  Pathetic really.  I could have really pushed myself on my upper body last week and at least I’d have done something to help while I wait.

On a positive note, I DID eat well.  I even lost weight…the same weight I keep taking off and putting back on, but at least it’s gone again.  I officially weighed in at 170.2 today.

So my new plan is to see if I can treadmill on Friday…and go from there.  I will keep eating right, and hopefully I will continue to see my weight drop.

My husband has joined me on my diet and has already lost more than 5 pounds.  I am so glad for him, really I am, but at the same time it is so discouraging.  I am so jealous of how easy it comes off him.  So, I’m also going to work on focusing on my progress and not comparing…harder than it sounds for me.


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  1. Jennifer Bjordahl

    I am so very proud of you!! I know it is Tuesday, and I should be posting, but my weight and exercise right now is shameful!! Do not compare yourself to any man, their bodies just lose it faster. You make me very proud, and you are always an encouragement. Love you!

  2. I appreciate when hubby diets with me since it means fewer temptations around the house, but boy do I hate how he can eat one fewer biscuit a day and drop 10 pounds! So not fair how easy it seems for men. I think if they are going to be able to drop weight so easy then they should go through pregnancy!!

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