7 Days…….

4 pounds sounded so much better that 7 days!!!

That is all I have left to make the cut for the quarter. Last post I had 2 weeks  to drop 4 pounds. Here we are with one week left and as of my weigh in on Wednesday, I have 5 FIVE pound to go!!!!!!!!! FIVE! 

Seriously?!?! Mr Scale you are going the wrong way.

It’s going to sound like a broken record along with the other posts this week, but I am right there with ya Miss AB. I got in 3 really good workouts. The kind where you ache after, for a day+ after! That’s 3 times as much as the week before. Yeah, ok so it isn’t hard to do when you only workout once, but it is major considering the schedule I have to work with.

I am in this quandary now. Not even a quandary more like my pattern. Why bother? I won’t make the deadline. Let’s eat out! Curly fries with cheese sauce? Yes, please! I could still do this. It’s possible. Another 30 minutes of cardio! Bedtime before midnight? Hah!! Three kids to three different rehearsals/practices at the same time? Fast Food for dinner? Okie Dokie!! Too tired to exercise?! Just skip it. It won’t matter anyway……….

Here we are. With 7 days to a deadline that could spiral me down. I wish I could just let it go and say, “It’s okay if I don’t make it to the next pay tier. No reason to let it ruin what I have already accomplished. Just keep working. The goal I have has no deadline. It is a lifelong change. Right?”

So why is that so hard to get through my head?

Here we go. New week. Just try to ignore the looming weigh-in deadline next Sunday!

I have 3 workouts worked into my schedule for this week. I hope for more. I withstood the Culver’s temptation on the way home from a long day and the yumminess that is cheese curds. Can I do it the rest of the week? Who knows, but I know I am not starting out well when it is 11:30pm and I’m still up and thinking nachos sound really good right now.


The courage to start…the strength to finish. I started, now………………..


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  1. ahh kris, I am right there with you. Keep making good choices, they are bound to add up eventually….Right? Cuz that’s the only hope I have left.

    • Thanks Kim! I sure hope so! I am so sick of the yo-yo! Why can’t things get going good and stay that way? I feel like a bipolar crazy person with the differences in my posts. LOL!!

  2. Stick with it. Don’t let my rants suck you in to the world of negativity. Keep up the good decisions! I’m not eating any sugar today and trying to figure out how to get my workout in tomorrow. We can do it!!!

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