Stress has never been my friend

You know when I went from a size 14 to a size 18? It was when I spent a year at an incredibly stressful job and add to that getting engaged, planning a wedding and being a newlywed and the only source of income. I was so stressed out that my shoulders would get so tense it would put my left arm to sleep. Once I figured out I wasn’t getting any better I decided to quit. Wish I could have quit the weight too. Instead I kept on a steady path to more weight. Granted my life changed drastically from college student to graduate to wife and mother. Is it too late to undo the damage?

I weighed 243 this morning when I checked. Did I mention that we had to dig an 8 ft hole on the side of my house this week to fix a leak in my foundation around the main water line? Yeah I only made it to curves Monday morning. Tuesday I started digging the dried clay that comprises the top foot of our soil. Wednesday I dug for six-ish hours and called that good. Did I mention that the non baked clay requires you to stick your shovel in the dirt and then scrape it off the shovel? Can you say STRESS? I also am not eating enough calories according to my fitness pal app. To be honest my body was probably in starvation mode before I skipped lunch that one day.

Well the hole is now tarred over. We’ll get our
filled in Monday if all goes according to plan and pray that fixing the sprinkler line fixes the problem we are having with our back flow preventer.

I will still try, I can see where this week may have gone awry. As normalcy descends I hope to include more workouts and continued calorie counting. Here’s to normalcy in your life as well!


Posted on September 22, 2012, in Kim. Bookmark the permalink. 2 Comments.

  1. Six hours digging a hole should not have caused you stress! You were multi-tasking. Working out and saving some money by being a “do-it-yourself”er! Excellent work. But be sure to eat a sandwich or an apple every once in a while. Starvation mode makes it hard for your body to release the fat.

    Good luck this week!

  2. Sounds like you had a different form of exercise this week. Not the feel good in a gym (is that even a thing?) but out-in-the-trenches digging kind of exercise. I’d say with your week, that sounds like a pretty good thing. You could have had someone else dig in the clay – I have done my fair share of digging in clay and know how hard it is to do, especially when it’s wet – but you chose to do it yourself. Maybe a financial reason, but it worked out to be a good choice for exercise too. Don’t beat yourself up too much…after all, that just adds to the stress. Instead, try this week to pick yourself up. Affirmations – especially self-affirmations can lead to a totally different week, even with the stress is piled on.

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