Summer Vacation is over…

I’m baaaack!   Oh what a summer it has been.  I was able to take 3 weeks to drive cross-country and back with my parents and son, camp on the beach for a week with my best friend, and then spend 19 fabulous days in paradise=Hawaii with my family.

I did really well on my road trip – even lost a few pounds and got under 170, but then I quickly gained it back and a couple more during the rest of my holiday.

I shouldn’t be surprised or upset, but I really wish I’d have gotten my act together and lost some of those extra pounds before this amazing summer so I would enjoy the pictures more.

I have a second chance…I’m off on a week cruise to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and Grand Cayman, as well as a stop in Cozumel, Mexico.  After more than a couple of years heading up the Awana ministry at our church, my hubby and I retired last year, and we were gifted with a get-away.  With so many already planned, we put it on the back burner for later.  Later is Nov.  My son is going on an East Coast adventure with school for 2 weeks giving us the perfect opportunity for a get-away all by ourselves!  What an amazing gift.  More than we EVER expected.

So, now I get the chance to make sure I enjoy my pictures more.  I can stop wishing and whining, and start doing, right!?  I started back at the gym last week.  I feel EVERY muscle.  Individually.  Some are yelling.  I started my shakes again.  I’m only eating dinner with the family and using shakes to manage my food intake.  I seem to do well with maintaining so I’m working my way down to a weight I want to maintain.

Let’s see what I can do in 2 months.  Goals work for me…as long as I’m doing the work to reach them.  Otherwise they just make me frustrated and upset with myself, watching time rush at me without doing anything and soon I lose my motivation.  After, I always wish I’d just done something.  Anything is better than nothing.  So here’s to a goal, a plan, and action!

Sharing a picture or two from our trip to Hawaii in July.  I’m hoping to look different in the pictures I post from the Bahamas in November!

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  1. What an amazing gift! Exciting for you and the hubby to have that well deserved alone time. Glad you are making goals. Sorry your BFF hasn’t answered your shout-outs. She still loves you!

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