Say it with me…

I went to spin/cycling class (I never know what to call it) by myself earlier in the week. The class seems to drag on and on when I don’t have a workout buddy there to distract me from all the sweat, pain and hard work. About halfway through the class, I hit that I-don’t-want-to-do-this-any-more wall. I started thinking about other things I could be doing instead. Then I tried justifying my way into walking out of the class. I entertained a few too many thoughts about why I didn’t need to finish class. Then I looked down at the little screen mounted on the handlebars to see if I’d hit a respectable number of miles for one workout and instead noticed how many calories I had burned (according to the bike). My next thought was this: If I leave now I’m cheating myself out of half the calories I could burn. Ok, I CAN do this!

In another cycling class where I did have a workout buddy I was struggling to keep up. I was making excuses in my head: I’m sore from the last class, I didn’t eat any breakfast, I pushed too hard at the beginning…you get the idea. Ten minutes left and I kind of gave up. I wasn’t really listening to the teacher. I was just pedaling. Then, I saw her bright smile look up at the last row, square in my face and say: We’re not done. You can do it!

She kept tabs on me for the last two songs and encouraged me (ok, the whole class, but it felt like she was just talking to me) to “dig deeper”. She was almost stern, but I agreed with her! I could do finish the class working hard. I had a little more in me. After pushing myself through the last song with renewed determination I went to the front of the class and thanked her for calling me out.

Isn’t that just human nature? We feel like we are going to crash and burn at something but if someone gives us a kind word of encouragement we can get our gusto back? I have a challenge for you. Be that person for someone, anyone. It doesn’t have to be in a workout. Pay attention to the people around you today, this week even, and praise someone’s hard work, compliment their tenacity or just smile and applaud when they need it most.

And if you are somewhere in your workout and struggling, ready to give up say this to yourself: I CAN DO THIS! Because you can. While you are saying that to yourself picture me standing there clapping my hands saying it with you: You can do this. I am sure of it.

This week I’m wishing you luck!

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  1. AB, you are basically awesome! That’s all I have to say to you today!! 🙂

  2. Oh how I wish we lived closer!!
    I am there clapping for you as well. We can do this!!!

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