My Plan for September

I could burden you with all my excuses why I’ve taken such a long hiatus. I don’t even know what I weigh anymore and I’m seriously scared to pull one out and find out.

Like, terrified…

Ok I turned on Wii Fit, (which is the only “scale” I have)

deep breath…. .

and the results are….

Not so bad….Huh, I’m way weirded out currently. Well at least there hasn’t been much of a change in weight and I’m not 250. After a summer of not trying very hard to lose weight I’m happy to see I didn’t gain very much.

After living with my in laws so I could buy a house, I am now living in my own house that I am very excited about. All boxes are unpacked and my house has a lot less projects to accomplish. I will have time to exercise more and more freedom to eat what I want.

So, September is a good a month as any to try to change. I’m planning on doing a two week south beach diet so that I can reset my metabolism. I’m hoping that after the initial two weeks when I go back to more like a weight watchers diet that it will work better for me then the utter disappointment that my last diet ended up being.  By the way, I’m on day four of phase one of south beach. This diet is not for sissies. I have never been so not excited to eat before in my entire life.  If you don’t know what this diet is, it’s basically giving up all carbs for two weeks. Milk, bread, yougurt, fruit, corn, oatmeal, potatoes, all big no nos. You can have 90 ish calories a day from artificial sweetener type products. Here comes a lot of salads in my future.

September will also be the month that I will take the time to exercise. Hopefully I can make the most of my curves groupon one month long workout membership.

Here’s to lots of success this September. I can make this huge push this month and hopefully I will have formed some awesome habits out of all the work I will put into it. Oh and hopefully I can lose some wieght in the process.


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  1. Congrats on your new house! I am pretty sure I still have unpacked boxes hiding in the garage after 4years.
    Good luck on getting through the rest of the 2 weeks. Carbs have always been my enemy!

  2. Wow. That is NOT for sissies. Best of luck! Impressed at your quick unpacking abilities and glad to have you back to the blog!

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